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    I wonder if my daughter will be a d/l like me, she has been off diapers for 2 years now, she is 5, any d/l parents out there who have experienced this?

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    Isnít that a bit young to worry about that kind of thing? You should embrace whatever identity she might have. For now it is best to reinsure her that she can talk to you and you will be open to her feelings. (Don't bring up any subjects just be loving to her and show you care)

    Also children potty train at different ages. My mom said I was a quick one and got out of them at like 1 and 1/2 i think? don't remember what she said.

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    Well, it is highly unlikely that ABDL has any genetic links at all and is more likely caused by some sort of psychological trauma/issue at a specific point in development than anything else. I believe that there are several avenues that lead people to an ABDL lifestyle but all of them are environmental in nature, not passed on from generation to generation.

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    What do you think my issue would be for having an interest in DL?

    Like I said when I was little my mom said I was easy to train and out of diapers early. She even explained she talked to others that had a lot harder time then she had with me.

    She bought me everything I wanted and let me do almost anything I want. The major limiting factor what I did and not did was myself. It was like I was so good she could trust me like that. (Of course I was still told some things what to do and was told no at times but I was a hard person to tell No too and usually got my way if the issue was not big.)

    Cold my transgender issues be linked with DL? That is the only thing I can see me being "abused". I am not to sure it is environmental the same problem with GLBT. To me the only real difference between GLBT and AB/DL is that AB/DL easier to suppress and hide. People are gonna know who you want to date. With some trans (Like me) there is a lot of little hints one can show for the affinity to the other gender (Even though I freaken hid it as best I could it still showed though my gestures) .These issues can't be genetic (It would died out because G/L can't reproduce and show more proof in twin cases) The same thing with Trans; there are identical twin cases where one twin was "normal" and the other was gay. Then another case where one twin was "Normal" and the other was trans.

    Think about it, is my favorite color being orange or purple or pink genetic? Why can't DL be just like a favorite color? My mom likes blue and my dad likes purple and black and blue or something like that.. So where does my interest in diapers, and having my favorite colors be pink, orange and purple come from?

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    This was one of those subjects that I personally handled very carefully. My wife knew but my children never knew about my diapers. When it came to potty training time I actually trained both children and I encouraged them to use the potty like any good parent would.

    I was never willing I cross the line in encouraging diaper interests or continued use. I was also extremely conscious of the fact that interests naturally seem to develop, so when my son showed a mild interest at a young age I simply redirected him out if it. My thought all along was that if there was something that would likely lead to an interest later, that I would be more proactive in dealing with and even avoiding those situations.

    As an AB/DL parent of normal and healthy children I feel that raising them to be what might be considered normal is the only responsible way I deal with this.

    Of course children will make choices and later they might develop some sort of interest in diapers. I believe this is way more common than many of us might think so there is a chance that one of us might have a child that grows up interested in diapers. Sill, I believe there must be separation between the parent and the child and the common interest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CutePrincess View Post
    What do you think my issue would be for having an interest in DL?
    You don't necessarily need to have had an issue, it's just a common factor that a lot of us seem to share, but not all of us.

    I personally don't remember having had an issue that could have caused this; all I remember is being really excited when my parents asked me if I wanted to wear diapers to bed when I started wetting in my sleep again. I was about 6 at the time, and the last time I had worn diapers before that was when I was about 2-3, so whatever could have caused this happened too early for me to remember. :\

    Back to the OP - I don't think your kid has any greater risk of developing an interest in diapers than anyone else. There was actually a thread with people discussing a similar topic here if you're interested.

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    Mine is only two and still in diapers. I hope me wearing them won't effect his potty training. It's hard to keep it hidden from them.

    I wouldn't worry about her becoming a DL and if she does, so what. The bonus about it be you are a DL and you could support her about it and let her wear them. That doesn't mean you may buy her diapers and all because I don't think I would want to keep spending money on diapers for my son so he would have to buy his own. I also wouldn't want him to wear to school. But whatever age you feel comfortable with that is old enough to be wearing diapers. IMO if a kid is buying them on their own, then they are old enough to be wearing them.

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