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    Just thought I'd share this...

    For a while now I've loved Lolita fashion, particularly some of the sweet lolita styles. I guess my usual style of dress isn't 'modest' as such... sort of arty/vintage, lots of colour, but also deliberately sexy, so lots of tight fitting clothes, hot pants etc.

    I really like the idea of expanding the side of my wardrobe that is more innocent, cute and little girl like, but also bold and a bit crazy. I don't know about you guys, but when I'm in the mood to be 'little', besides altering my voice, I love the idea of dressing the part and really getting into character. Sometimes I will wear my hair in pigtails if I want to bring out this character.

    Anyway, a while ago I searched online for some lolita style clothing but I found that there was a very limited selection of UK based stores, and I didn't fancy ordering from overseas. But after searching again recently, I've discovered an online store, and I've purchased the item below. Can't wait for it to arrive!

    Red and White Short Sleeves with Lace Ruffles Multilayer Cotton Sweet Lolta Dress - LolitaUK

    Heidi x

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    I am rather unsure of the lolita word or the clothing behind it. I just recently discovered this side of me so I am still exploring.

    First off I would love to have my hair in pigtails if I had the hair for it XD It feels my hair is thinning or something I really need it thicker.

    As far as the dress I wonder what the back view is like XD Does it tie into a big bow in the back? XD I hope it fits well ^^ I wish you luck with it

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