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Thread: How should Abena M4 Air Plus fit?

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    Default How should Abena M4 Air Plus fit?

    Hi everyone, some clarification needed which I'm sure you can all help with. As a previous cloth diaper man I decided to try out disposables for ease of use. I ordered some Abena M4s. I have a 32" waist and similar hips but the m4s, despite my efforts still feel a little loose and are just not snug. Are the S much smaller?
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    I never tried the air plus, but on the plastic backed ones the small was far to tight on me and medium was perfect. I'm somewhere between a 30-32" waist.

    Make sure you wrap it nice and tight and then do the top tapes, then the bottom tapes and then tighten the tops if needed.

    I get an excellent fit with the M4's but then everyone's body is different - you may just have to find something with a better fit for you

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    Thanks Blob, I've worn a few so far and to be honest i'm not an expert on fitting them to my body yet. When you search for the best way to fit there are countless ways to do it, so i guess ill have to experiment (oh my what a drag) to find the best method for myself. I tried fitting one standing up tonight and it worked much better!

    I've had a couple leak very quickly, but from what i gather i'm a fairly heavy wetter. Practice makes perfect!

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    Yeah standing up I tend to find is best, although i have learned to do lying down now.

    thats odd about leaking though. I miss the days when they were called X-PLUS instead of 4 and were much thicker

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