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    I have a 3 drawer bedside chest where I keep my adult socks and pants ,also I keep at least a dozen pairs of plastic pants in the drawers as well also a couple of disposable diapers.we are away for Christmas and my wife was packing,when I went into the bedroom she said jokingly how many pairs of plastic pants does one need to which I replied I needed to have a good selection,and she said don't buy anymore.normally she acts angrily but today I sensed a numbing down of the hostility to her husband wearing diapers and realizes that I won't be giving up wearing them,has anyone else's partner reacted in this way.please. can you give me your comments and by the way happy Christmas to everyone in adisc.

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    My wife found my stash about four and a half years ago, and so I had to explain all. She actually was very accepting, and has since bought me a number of things like onsies, my big teddy bear, a plushie dog, and even baby food. I know I'm lucky, but I'm also her dialysis partner, putting her on the machine which we have in our bedroom. We're a team and we support each other 'till the end. I hope you're wife will reach that point. I'm sure you do good and wonderful things for her. It's always a partnership.

    Merry Christmas to you as well, and ADISC!

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    A first when I told my wife she was pretty calm about the diapers, then I had a firm pseudo understanding and pseudo now it is time to give it up response after that. Within the first year or two there were a few times that she eased up on me and even layer along a bit.

    Sadly the more time that passed the more she became opposed to the diapers until she was actually bitter and intolerant of them. I I believe it is all about attitude and is literally a choice that she made. She could have easily chosen to be sweet with me and to accept the diapers, yet she chose otherwise.

    Perhaps your wife is growing to accept this side of you. Continue to foster a deep loving relationship with her and it will help.

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