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Thread: Hi everyone! I'm new here :D

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    Default Hi everyone! I'm new here :D

    Hey guys and gals, I'm new to the forum. I signed up in hopes of making some online friends that share a common interest of being abdl. I'm married, have kids. I'm a full time locomotive mechanic and go to school 3/4 time. I served 8 years in the Army reserves and served 1 year in the Middle East, which was a very interesting and culturally enlightening time of my life.

    I'm not sure how I started liking diapers, but I believe it could have been from my bed wetting problem that I've had until I was 12 years old. I've only been threatened to be put back into diapers twice, but my parents never did. Doing laundry must have been a pain I always thought that I was strange, but when I was 12 I did an internet search and found out there were others like me out there which was cool. This really launched me into this fetish. I've always had a hard time accepting my fetish and often went through binge and purge cycles until I met my wife and told her about liking diapers. She is very supportive, and apparently knew about this fetish from watching the CSI episode. Anyways, after her acceptance, I've never had a binge and purge cycle again. Things are cool. Other than diapers, I've started to indulge upon some ab items such as onesies, footed pjs, and a nuk 5 even though I don't mentally regress, I find these items very stress relieving.

    Some of my interests are playing videos games such as Minecraft, Disney's Toontown, Elders Scroll games on the xbox. I like comedy and adventure movies and cartoons such as Regular Show, American Dad, and Family Guy.
    I enjoy geocaching, although I haven't got a chance to do it lately. I like watching the Steelers, even if they suck this year D:

    Well I hope you enjoyed my introduction, I put a lot out there, I would be glad to answer any questions, and please if you share any interests that I have, please friend me. I'm very new to the abdl community and have no friends yet.

    Take care, and see you on the forums

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    Hello, and welcome to the site

    While I am more a DL than AB, I do have some baby items like a Nuk 5 paci. Just like you, I don't use these for mental regression, and just as a means of relief.

    Bit of an Elder Scrolls fan myself, though I would love to play them again (my brother sold our XBox to get some money > ~<) What would you have to say is your favourite movie?

    Hope you have a good time while you're here

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    Sad to hear about the xbox being sold. I've sold mine before but that was when the RROD was a major problem. Hopefully you'll get one again soon. I have all 3 consoles and still believe the xbox is the best system other than a PC. I heard Valve is coming out with a Steam box which is supposed to revolutionize the console industry. Can't wait to see that. As for movies, almost too many to list. I enjoyed the new spider man movie that came out, I believe they did a better job this time. Just seen Wreck it Ralph which was pretty cool. I really want to see the Hobbit over my Christmas vacation. I'm a big Star Wars fan (Screen name) and I can't wait for the Disney release of Episode VII.

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    Yeah, I hope so too. I am not that gung-ho about getting the latests consoles, but I did have all of the 3 major console brands. I am more of a Nintendo fan, though, and it really is unsettling when I see some people disregard Nintendo for there being too many family games. I think there are some really great gems to only be found for Nintendo, especially the Wii.

    I will agree with you on the new Spiderman movie. This one just seems better in comparison to the old trilogy, especially with the actor playing as Peter Parker. Andrew Garfield gets the role perfectly, but Toby Macguire just came off as awkward to me. I would love to see Wreck-It Ralph soon, considering Aus has held off on releasing it until after Boxing Day. I recently went to go and see Rise of the Guardians, and that was a fantastic movie, easily topping in as one of my favourites. Currently reading the book The Hobbit before going to see the movie, which looks fantastic.

    On the subject of the new Star Wars movie, I am rather intrigued. Disney has bought out Marvel in the past, and we got The Avengers after that buyout (greatest superhero flick of all time, IMO XD) So while the owners may be different, I won't write this new movie off just yet. Can't wait to see what kind of movie we'll get.

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