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    Hi I want to be a big diper lover
    What are the most babyish adult diapers and plastic pants and the most popular websites please

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    Do you want cloth or disposable i assume cloth?

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    For cloth I would say or BabyKins carries the Kins line of big baby diapers and they are very cute. Both of these sites also have great plastic pants.

    For disposable I would say Adult Baby Universe at or Bambinos. Both have very babyish disposable adult baby diapers.

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    Well what you need is up to you. Different people want different things. People have different likes for diapers and pacis. Here is something you can try:
    That link is for diaper samples. If you like the company buy them.

    And here is for reviews:
    For pacis try searching online for something called nuk 5. That is a good size for adults.

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    Turtleman, welcome to Adisc! I suggest you introduce yourself in the introduction area - Greetings / Introductions

    In response to your request...I find it kind of odd because a simple google search will yield several good places to buy ABDL-specific fact, I'd think it'd be easier to find those than a forum/support site like ADISC. Furthermore, a simple search of this site itself will yield the information you ask for as CutePrincess indicated. We love to provide support and information -- a great deal of it has already been discussed at length. You will do well here to make use of this material before creating new threads

    Second, announcing "I want to be a big diper lover" seems unusual to me -- if you take the time to introduce yourself as I've suggested, you run less of a risk of coming across as fake or condescending.

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