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    Hey guys!! I just got my ps3 with black ops 2. Hit me up if you have it and Ill shoot you my name for it. Im hoping to get to play with some of you on here.
    Have a merry Christmas and dont forget to leave Santa some cookies and milk.

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    Default Black Ops II

    I also have Black Opps 2 for the PS3 it is a fun game. However I still play WAW and Black Opps 1.

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    Dang it DemonHunter, It sux ps3 cant play live with xbox!

    I tried wow a few times D1esel but was no good, however Fallout is a different story for me. You ever play that one? I got strait up addicted when my ex left me in a diaper with fallout 3 in her xbox and would go to work!

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    Default Black Ops II

    I have never played fallout # I really don't have much time to play maybe an hour a week so when I sit down to play I go for what I know.

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    Black ops 2 = Black ops 1 + better campaign + (# 4 year old potty-mouths in BO 1 * 2) = Only good if you're into campaign mode.

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    Default Black Ops II

    Nah that's what the mute option is for so you don't listen to the potty mouthed. I tend to swear and curse during game play but not towards other members more like dear god I'm sucking sh** today or what the F is wrong with me.

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    I automatically mute anyone with a mic on for that reason. I'll be getting BO2 once the price drops a little more, but at the moment I can't budget that kind of expense in. I've played it at a friend's house, though, and it's a pretty decent upgrade from BO1.

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