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    This was already a thread a while back but I thought I might reopen it. I was curious how many people have a bedtime or naptime enforced by their mommy or daddies? If so how strict are they when it comes time to go nini? Also what do you think is a "fair" bedtime? As much as I may regret saying this, I wish I had someone putting me to sleep at a certain time so I could finally get on a regular sleep schedule.

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    I'm unsure how I'd feel about a naptime or bedtime, but the thought is intriguing. When I was younger, I was usually put to bed around 8:00 PM. I would personally think that anywhere between 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM would be fair.

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    well, my mummy usually puts me down for bed around 10:30 or so, sometimes till 12:30 if i am off the next day at work. It's good for me to have a sleep schedule because i work such odd hours at work.

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