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Thread: Walking a fine line

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    Default Walking a fine line

    This has been something on my mind for a while now, and I've noticed more and more as I've begun to accept my life as a semi-closeted AB/DL.

    I am beginning to find myself taking more risks when it comes to people almost finding out about my secret lifestyle. I only remained diapered within the confines of my house, however I have started going out and about while wearing, and even wetting, my diapers.

    I also never considered buying AB/DL products online, as I was afraid someone could find out. However, I now own a Nuk 5 pacifier after purchasing it online AND I am hoping to purchase some more AB/DL products in the future.

    And even now, I am currently back up north to stay with my mother for the holidays (who, I've mentioned before on this site, KNEW I was an AB/DL and didn't like it) and my Nuk 5 paci is in my carrybag, wanting desperately to be suckled.

    I keep finding myself walking the fine line between keeping my secret safe and being caught in the act. Has anyone else beginning to notice a similar patterns in their lifestyle, or is it just something I'm experiencing on my lonesome?

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    I can relate to how you feel. In an ideal world I would not be hiding my ab side as much but due to society norms I am afraid to expose myself even when it comes to my most loved ones. I think the "line" that you are referring to will come over time as you beging to explore your AB side more. At first you are going to be reluctant I would imagine, but over time I could you becoming much more comfortable. The important thing is that you need to consider and weigh the risks before you accidentally reveal yourself without wanting too.

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    I don't really feel like there is a fine line. Generally I find people don't really care what you're doing. I've gone into the local pharmacy and picked up 2 packs of diapers and gone through a line up of a few people. Most didn't notice and if I did get a weird look it wasn't for very long. Though I do make sure I don't know anyone in the store first. I've also ordered stuff online while living at home. It came in discrete packaging and my parents never asked what it was. If they did I'd probably say something I ordered for my gf. I think the only time you could be walking a fine line is if like say you're diapered and invite friends and family over or you're obviously messy in public and people know that it's you. Something on those lines.

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    I eventually stopped caring to deal with the stress of concealing everything so now I just make an effort not to expose myself. If someone finds out I'm willing to have that conversation on my own terms.

    The worst part about keeping this lifestyle closeted is when you start questioning if it is OK or if you're doing something wrong. It took me a while to get past that point but now I can enjoy abdl without having to worry about anything except leaving dirty diapers around. Because I can't really think of a worse way for someone to find out than to find a dirty diaper...

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    I'm kinda hitting this mark too. I haven't purchased anything AB/DL yet (besides diapers) , but I'm slowly gravitating toward the thought of beginning to hint on my AB/DLism.

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    Wen I was younger I was so careful that I believe I was bordering on paranoid about my diapers. I remember reaching that point where I felt I was walking a fine line, then over some time I discovered that I did not even need to be that careful because even moderate precautions were good enough.

    Relax a little because it really is not that big of a deal. You can order online, wear and e oven wet your diaper while out with little trouble, and you might even find that you can get away with much more. Reasonable precautions and discretion is generally good enough to maintain privacy.

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    no I do not think that you are alone in the ways that you are feeling all of us I think have felt that way as we wanted to expand the little in us, I think we all have that secret want to be found out or caught, we just have to be ready for the reality of life if we do get caught

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    Ooooooo...wearing in public AND wetting? You're living on the edge man! Nah, you have already stated that your mom knows, and according to your profile you're a legal age adult. So, use your own judgment and do whatever you want within the confines of the law and without destroying your relationships. It's your choice.

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    i've been feeling that way too. when i was younger my attitude was more like "this is something i must keep absolutely secret, because it would ruin my life in anyone found out."

    nowadays it's more like "this is something private about me that i keep secret because probably no one else WANTS to know about it." i take reasonable measures to keep anyone from finding out that i wear diapers, but if anyone went snooping they'd have only themselves to blame for what they might discover. i'd be embarrassed, but probably whoever found out would be even more embarrassed. they'd probably assume it was a medical issue, and i wouldn't trouble myself to explain otherwise.

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    There really isn't a line. You're either comfortable enough with who you are to live it, and risk getting exposed, or you're not. It's a good thing if you are that comfortable as long as you don't go out of your way and TRY to get caught. Shoving it in the faces of others is never a good thing.

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