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    Exclamation The Rules

    These are the rules of ADISC. (What is ADISC?)
    They exist to keep our community safe and friendly. They apply to all areas of ADISC, without exception.

    1. Be Honest

    No lying about your age or identity. Any information you do give must be the truth.

    2. Be PG-13

    If it wouldn't be OK in a PG-13 movie, it isn't OK here.
    If you're not sure, ask us before posting it.

    3. Be Polite

    Respect others, even when you disagree with them.
    No bullying, insults or personal attacks.

    4. Be Eligible For Membership

    You must be at least 18 years old to use this site.
    We do not accept spammers, pedos, or businesspeople simply looking to promote their business.

    5. Be a Positive Influence

    We welcome posts which are mature, interesting, insightful, funny, and/or supportive.
    We do not welcome posts which are spammy, immature, aggressive, condescending, solely about the condition of your diaper, and/or which drag the conversation off-topic.
    Making posts that are welcome leads to higher status in our community.
    Making posts that are unwelcome leads to lower status in, and eventual expulsion from, our community.

    6. Respect The Law
    , Respect Yourself

    No breaking the law.
    No encouraging anyone else to break the law.
    No encouraging anyone else to engage in self-destructive acts, such as self harm, or anything medically risky.

    7. No Personal Ads

    No personal ads, please. We are not a dating site.
    This includes forum posts like "anyone living in location?".

    8. Use Readable English

    We are an English-language site. All communication must be in readable English.
    No txt speak, babytalk, or posts with incomprehensible grammar.

    9. One Account Per Person

    Nobody may ever register more than one account, even if the first account they registered was lost, closed, deleted, or banned.
    If you have lost access to your account, and are unable to log in, contact us using the guest contact form for help recovering it.
    Nobody may permit another person to use their account, nor may anyone use an account which is not theirs.

    10. Images

    No crotch shots, except where necessary as part of a product review. Crotch shots are pictures which show exclusively, or primarily, someone's diaper.
    No uploading pictures of anyone under 18, at the time the picture was taken.
    No uploading ABDL pictures of anyone without their permission.
    No uploading any pictures of ADISC members without their permission.
    No uploading images (or anything else) which exceed a PG-13 standard. Remember rule 2.

    11. If You See a Violation, Or Have An Issue, Tell Us.

    If you see someone breaking the rules, you're expected to let us know, using the report button:
    If someone makes you feel unwelcome, unhappy or unsafe, you're also expected to tell us, so we can help you.

    12. Follow Staff Instructions.

    Staff members are labeled in purple text. To contact us, use the requests forum.
    If any staff member tells you to stop something, stop immediately.
    If you are unhappy with any staff decision, you may contact our admin, Moo.

    13. Miscellaneous

    Complaints about negative reputation, or moderation matters, must go to the requests forum, or to Moo.
    In the event someone leaves ADISC, their contributions remain part of this community, and so, are not deleted.
    All members are expected to do their part to ensure our community remains friendly and supportive. Maintaining our unique culture is a team effort.

    14. "Best Interests" Rule

    ADISC is a community built on honesty, support and friendship.
    We reserve the right to remove content and/or individuals if this action is in the best interests of ADISC as a whole.
    For example, we reserve the right to remove individuals whose presence or behavior puts other members, or ADISC itself, at risk.

    15. Company Reps

    Any individual who owns or is employed by any company which sells adult diapers or ABDL products is a company rep.
    Company reps must email (moo at adisc dot org) from their company email address, with the subject line "Company Rep", stating their ADISC username and the company they are a rep for. They must do this before they start posting.
    After doing this, company reps are given a special "Rep for companyname" title, which they keep as long as they work there. Reps are bound by these rules regardless of whether or not they have this title.
    Company reps should not typically post on articles or threads which are primarily about competitors' products. They may post to correct a factual inaccuracy about their own product, but we may delete any posts that come across as attacking the competitor, or advertising in a thread about the competitor's products at the competitor's expense.
    Company reps may create one thread to announce the launch of entirely new products of their own design.
    Company reps may not create any other marketing/advertising threads without admin (ie: Moo) approval in advance. This means reps cannot announce sales, promotions, etc, without advance approval. This approval can take upwards of a week to get, isn't guaranteed in any case, and when obtained, must be clearly displayed in any resulting thread, so that everyone knows the thread was approved.
    Company reps may not use ADISC as a platform for resolving disputes with customers.
    Company reps may not give money to ADISC, either as an individual or on behalf of their company. We may accept samples of products for review purposes, but neither that nor a resulting review is guaranteed.
    Company reps may not talk about their company, or its products, without disclosing that they work there. Reps who have the "Rep for companyname" title are considered to always meet this requirement.

    16. Be sensible about meetups

    Meetups may only be advertised/discussed in the EC+ forum.
    Any ABDL meetups advertised/discussed must be strictly 18+ only.
    Meetups should not be sexually-oriented. We're a support site, not a hookup site.
    We reserve the right to veto advertisement/discussion of a meetup if we feel it is unsafe or otherwise unsuitable.
    Anyone attending a meetup does so at their own risk.

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