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    I am a diaper girl for my fiance and his baby girl. In both, I must wear diapers, and I really love it. But today was my first real experience wearing one and want to get my own or tell my fiance what kind to get or something. I don't know...I am really embarrassed by it and I guess I just want to get some advice or some support or something...

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    Welcome to the community! The embarrassment, at least in my case goes away in time, I actually just told my girlfriend that I am a DL and I had never told anyone that before. This is a good community to be in.

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    welcome to the site what are you embarrassed about and is there anything we can do to help

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    Quote Originally Posted by MorbidAngel View Post
    You need to come right out, and say it. He'll understand.
    Aw baby, you know how I feel about all this.

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    Show him some websites with ones that you like. Don't worry, the more you deal with diapers the less embarassing it gets. Pretty soon you will probably be like me, walking into a store and openly buying them and not giving a crap :P

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