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Thread: P.O. Box ? Yes or no

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    Default P.O. Box ? Yes or no

    Trust me it's diaper related.
    Ok so I got a job I live down the street to a post office, but i live with my family still. Should I get one so I can get good diapers?
    If I do how do I get a po box? Btw I live in the US

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    Most companies want an actual physical location to deliver to. In the order forms you'll see a notation (P.O Boxes not allowed)
    I would suggest going to a Pay n pack, or Mail boxes etc type store in your town, which will allow you to receive packages by using their address.

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    I had a PO box for a while just for getting good diapers on the down low and I was great. Mine was from the UPS store, and since it's a store, it has an actual address. The good thing there is that anyone will deliver to them (since there is someone there to accept the package). I would stongly recomend the UPS store. The best of a PO box and a mailing address!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DONeill73 View Post
    I would suggest going to a Pay n pack, or Mail boxes etc type store in your town, which will allow you to receive packages by using their address.

    Yes, it's better not to stick yourself with any kind of service if you can avoid it. The UPS Store is another popular way to do this. Many of them will allow you to ship packages to them without having a mailbox. Instead, you just ship to their address but put your name on the top, and when you show up to claim your package they'll charge some small fee -- $5 in the case of the one nearest me. I've had diapers shipped to them on a number of occasions. Works great.

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    Default Re: P.O. Box ? Yes or no

    Have you checked for a place similar to the UPS Store? Just look in the phonebook for shipping companies or packaging companies. Call and ask if they do package receiving and holds. (Another term for that but my brain is gassy at the moment). You just need to do a bit of research and work and call around.

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    There none close enough.
    If I use a PO box I could USA the USPS for shipping they can deliver at a PO box
    Or I can just risk it and use my actual adress cus I'm home most of the time in the day. thoughts?

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    Default P.O. Box ? Yes or no

    I would use your home address espc if you are home most of the day. Also if they try and deliver and you are not home you can pick it up at the location (assuming you have a way to get there)

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    I would look into how the company you want to buy diapers from ships. If they ship USPS then a PO BOX is fine. I have packages delivered to my PO Box all the time. However some companies ship Fedex or UPS and often they require a physical address. In this case a PO Box probably won't work. If you are ok only buying diapers form places that ship USPS then really, a PO Box will be just fine.

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    Well that might work.
    But how about amazon and eBay. Cus there some underoos I want to buy.

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