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    hey are there any articles about self diapering... i feel like i am not putting them on right... i mean they dont leak but i just dont think i am doing it right...
    why -
    i feel like i got alot of extra bulk/space between the crouch and feel like i could bring it up more..but maybe i am wrong...

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    There's an article in the wiki about self diapering. Click on the link below to go to it.

    Guide to first time diapering

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    If your not leaking your fine, you can always add a stuffer to fill the gap, and make the diaper more absorbant, I like to lay on the floor, to get my diapering started.

    I lay the diaper out, add my stuffers, and then sit on the diaper, then I close the bottom tapes, pulling them upwards toward the center of the diaper, then I stand, and close the top downwards toward the center, I'm skinny so it makes the diaper fit better for me.

    Just keep trying untill your happy with the fit, the gap is good it does leave room for expansion, and is handy if you flood.

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    I don't recall ever seeing instructions on how to diaper yourself, but there ARE lots of instructions on how to diaper others. ( Diapering Method for a Teenage Male ) is my favorite. The First Quality website actually has videos on how to diaper people. They're not anything too remarkable, though.

    Theres also this: Incontinence - Older Children, Bedwetting and Self-Diapering The self-diapering instructions are in the pink box further down the page. I reccomend taping the top tapes first, though. It seems to work better for me. Its important to make sure that the front and back of your diaper are at about the same height.

    Finally, as long as you get a good fit around the waist and your legs, and your diaper isn't falling down, I wouldn't worry about extra bulk in your crotch. Many adult diapers are like that. If you're used to wearing non-adult diapers, this is something that may seem strange to you. What brand of diaper are you wearing? If its a brand I'm familiar with, I may be able to give specific help. Personally, I'm a big fan of a lil extra crotch bulk.

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    Those are fairly thick diapers and wider through the crotch than store bought diapers so you are going to have more space available and more material between your legs. If you aren't leaking, and your diaper is staying put, go with it. Personally, I lay on my bed then I start with the bottom tapes and get the leg openings comfortably firm, then work my way up from there. Those are good brands, and you shouldn't have any problems with leaking. Have fun!

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    I would always recommend doing the bottom tapes first, but everyone is different. It may just be the diaper you're wearing (what kind is it?) doesn't fit your body well. Lots of people have that problem, for example with me, the Secure Xplus diapers just don't fit right. They leave gaps at the legs and there's no explanation other than the diaper is cut different then others. Perhaps you should try a different kind? Good luck!

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    Couple of short tips to follow that I have seen and heard people not follow for good diapering is...

    Lay down to be diapered
    Make sure the height is even in the front nd back before yout tape it.
    Make sure it is pulled tight between your legs.
    Make sure the leg elastic is in the proper place, outside the diaper while kind of curved inside the diaper (do not how to explain that part)
    Make sure to hold it tightly between your legs and do not let go untily your tape at least one side.
    Stand up and readjust after your down, like fold down the top inside the diaper so the waist ends right at or right under the belly button, and also pull it up snug a bit while standing.

    Another good tip is if you wear some loose jeans with a belt, it helps keep the diaper in place.

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