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    I dont want to stop wearing diapers but i recently moved in with my soon to be sister in law her husband my fiance and 4 kids. I need to find a way to wear diapers under my clothes un noticed but idk how to do that i cant tell my sister she thinks the very idea of abdl is wierd as hell so i need ways to hide the crinkle and bulge of my ab super dry kids and bambino classico diapers.

    Any and all suggestions welcome

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    Just to clarify her kids not mine lol

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    If it's a temporary situation can you not just hold out until you're back in a place of your own?

    Failing that I just stick to wearing at night or when I'm at work. Not worth the worry wearing around someone you don't want to find out.
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    not its long term like 2 or three years

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    After a week or two, you will learn other peoples schedules, of when people are around and when they arent. Use the time when they arent there, to wear.

    Im guessing your fiance is cool and accepting of you wearing ?

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    Wear at night or go out to wear.

    There is no magical solution unfortunatly.

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