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Thread: Tena Men's pull ups - I'm impressed

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    Red face Tena Men's pull ups - I'm impressed

    Although I love my Abena pull ups, I have to admit that I am fairly impressed with the Tena Men's pull ups. I decided to give them a try since I can buy them at the local drug store instead of having to make a special trip to a med supply place to get the Abenas.

    Yesterday I checked the capacity and discovered thay had absorbed a bit over 18 ounces of urine without the hint of a leak. I have been wearing them a lot when I am driving to and from distant offices. Although not as bulky wnen dry as an Abena the do form a nice satisfying bulge when wet.

    I like to do the occassional #2 in my diaper also, and they even seem to hold up pretty well under that load. Being locally easily available and reasonably affordable, I may just change my screen name to Teanlover...
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    I use these also and have found they hold up well also. The only bad thing I found is that they sag a lot when really wet. Also it would be nice to have the sizes to be medium, large, and extra large, instead of the medium/large as one package size. For me the med/large is to tight but the XL is way to big....

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    have seen these in tesco, thought about trying them

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    I have found that they do sag a bit when wet,but since I normally wear pants over my diapers that is not too much of a problem...

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