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Thread: Newish ADISC member, a transgender female

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    Default Newish ADISC member, a transgender female

    Let’s see.. breaking the ice with the cheat sheet...

    1) Hello! Who are you?
    Like the title says I am a transgender female. I am obsessed with cute things as it might be leading me to be a girl adult baby. I just started transition by wearing girl clothes full time around the house. I have not move to any type of surgery yet because money is a problem. Plus it is hard for me to go anywhere because of my back issues. So for the most part what I do at home is full time for me. I would like to start going out in dresses the few moments I do but first I need to look like a girl. I have problems removing the small leftovers on my face >< I hate it and how how fast it grows back so fast. I need to work on voice training too.

    2) What brings you here? (interest in diapers/regression)
    Unlike the cheet sheet, google over transgender issues brought me here. So I felt the need to talk about myself somewhere and since ADISC threads kept popping up for the results on my searches I decided to join. There was also topics I need that I want to badly respond to like the mother asking about her son paul over how to talk to him with Adult baby issues.

    I am also here to learn about myself more. It also seems I been doing a good job informing people about transgender issues like the first friend I made here.

    3) Diapers do not rule our lives! What are your other interests? (besides diapers/regression)
    I like wearing dresses, playing games, watching T.V. and movies. When I say games I mean computer games, console games (yay pokemon) and even board games. My mom hated playing monopoly and other games even when I was little because I would win so much ><

    4) What are you looking for out of this site? What would you love to do here?
    I kind of answered this already under 2. I want to learn about myself more and others like I never spoke to AD/DL/ BF/ DF. To me hiding those 'hobbies' seems like the same thing I did with my gender identity issues.

    Getting off the cheat sheet let me tell you about myself a bit more.

    I am still finding out stuff about me and I think I might be getting into the adult baby world just because I find it cute. The sissy diapers by just sparked my interest more.

    I really love cute and girly things and I have a lot of stereotypical girl likes and dislikes. That is why I identify as a girly-girl and some of you might have seen that already.

    Because I am more and more caring about personality I also label myself as Bi. My transgender issues most likely lead me to accepting ether gender physically but I am pretty sure my mate needs a lot of stereotypical guy traits. I am just waiting for that magical kiss that tells you that person is the one.

    For coming out I recently told my Mom but she is still getting used to it I guess. I am hoping she would start with the girl pronouns soon. Coming out was hard because I hid my true self all my life expect the last 6 years or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CutePrincess View Post
    Let’s see.. breaking the ice with the cheat sheet...
    Hey there Princess, welcome to ADISC!

    As you've already seen there are a lot of people on here with the same issues as you, so I'm sure you'll find plenty of people to talk to. You've already racked up plenty of posts so I guess you're not shy about jumping in, but I thought you'd appreciate some replies on your intro thread. I saw you'd visited my profile, feel free to say hi if you want x

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    Ya I was getting a bit lonely and I love to talk, as you see by my intro. I wanted to think it over a bit before making one XD

    I can't even remember why I viewed your profile, I just randomly look at people I guess. I know one reason why I do it though. If I want to make a reference like saying he or she I look at that to see the right one to use.

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    greetings and welcome to ADISC we are to glad to have you (or at least i am)...

    I like wearing dresses, playing games, watching T.V. and movies. When I say games I mean computer games, console games
    What kind of console games or computer games do you like to play?
    I like minecraft sorts of games and wow and halo and need for speed mw 1

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    Hmmm i guess rpgs now mostly. I love storyline XD

    I started when I was very little when my mom got me nintendo and duck hunt. I did not even know what it was back then. I do remember being very excited over Mario 2 and getting to play as princess XD

    I pointed a few RPGs that I played in that one thread asking what your favorite game was. My RPG fangirl self started with super Mario rpg legion of the seven stars. Then my next one was FF 8 (I got attacked to buying that game because there was a clip showing them going into space)

    The consoles I have are Nintendo, super Nintendo, Saga, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, gamecube, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox360, and gameboy (I think I have one of each version I am not sure) most of the older systems been put in the closet by my mom so the ones I have out are Xbox360 (my room) PlayStation 3 and wii (front room) My mom used to use the Wii a lot for that workout game but not so much anymore and the playstation 3 was in the front room so she could use it to play blue rays. I later pulled out the PS2 so I could play the Xenosaga games again. I love them so much XD

    To me I think the best games I played so far are FF7, FF8, FF9, eternal sonata (have the ps3 and xbox versions because I loved the game so much I bought the ps3 version when I found out of the differences It had) Mass effect 1 (have not played 2 yet or even touch 3) and the Xenosaga I,2, and 3 for PS 2. Pretty sure all those games gave me moments of laughing and crying from the good story XD

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    Hi Im kind of new here my self but I stumbled upon this and I want to get to know some people on here too.
    I think it's really cool your transitioning and all. I'm a CD my self but I'm kind of new to it and don't really know what I'm doing most of the time lol
    I'm just a regular run of the mill DL not much into the whole baby thing.
    I like watching horror movies and quite a bit of tv. Anything from cartoons to the Walking Dead (Love zombies!) And I also love palying xbox. Anything from minecraft to Black ops 2
    I'd really like to kind of learn more about my self by getting more involved in my DL side so I joined the site
    By the way I think its really awesome how you're living your life the way you want to

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    Well it has been explained to me is that you can define yourself as a little boy/girl if you are into some kind of regression. Since I do like anything cute that means the adult little girl/baby clothes so ya that's me >XD

    What do you mean by CD?

    Oh god I can't stand horror films, I need someone to watch it with me for me to even try. Then I have an excuse to cuddle XD

    Ya it is hard because of "Something" let’s go with a medical condition.. Where I can't live on my own so I live with my mom. So for me to even think about transitioning she needs to accept it. Only recently she is letting me buy anything girly so it let me open up about my transgender feelings to her. I am on the line being DL, and I can't tell my mom that interest yet... I am waiting for her to fully accept the transgender thing first.

    There is a good chance I am DL because I did try it a few times in grade school and I can picture myself liking being forced into diapers.

    I used to play a verity of games when I was younger now I play a lot less. Part of that might stem from wanting love stories in the games or having something girly in them (I really did not realize that till lately) I am not sure though. All I know is people made fun of eternal sonata calling it girly and I thought the love story in it was cute so... I like what I like XD

    I do play shooters time to time but it is like my interest fades quickly. I do not get the same feeling when I can play FF8 and FF9 a million times over, xenosaga games or eternal sonata. When I played though FF8 I was so confused with the story... It is like that movie you need to watch over again to fully understand it. Now I play them over just because I find them fun (I think for eternal sonata I played the xbox verson 3 times fully and the ps2 version twice and started a 3rd playthough)

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    By CD I mean crossdresser. I love being girly and doing girly stuff but not all the time. I only do it every now and then and I don't see it becoming a complete change like in your case. I haven't really seen people that are on the line about the whole DL thing before but I guess thats just one of those things that takes time to figure about yourself (I kinda knew right away from a young age). I havent played any FF games in a long time but they are pretty awesome. It's series I've been meaning to get back into. I've played a couple here and there but never really sat down and played through a bunch of them.

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    It is more like I am on the line because of lack of exploring it i guess? but I do feel I took an interest in it at a young age but never really acted on it.

    If you are happy in girl's clothes why not do it more often?

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    I'm starting to do it more often but its hard thing to keep a secret lol
    You should explore your DL side more just as I should explore my girly side more

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