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Thread: Change Baby Girls <my blog that i'm shamelessly advertising here>

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    Default Change Baby Girls <my blog that i'm shamelessly advertising here>

    I doubt most of you would remember me because I've given up coming here and before that I posted too scarcely to be noticed (even though I was active and had around the tenth highest rep when this was, but I decided to advertise my blog here.

    I mean, I'm not expecting people to be interested, but I like this community and I want it aware of it. I started a blog with a bunch of other trans baby girls and really it's just for anyone to read about our lives (even if the other's are being somewhat lazy)... It's still coming together, so it looks kind of bland at the moment, but posting has already started so there's stuff to read...

    Basically, if you're the type of person who reads other's blogs, or are just interested in reading up on the lives of some trans baby girls, check it out at:

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    Yay, Mysika!

    I can't believe that you would dicktease us like this by returning, only to post a thread that's an advertisement for a blog.

    Ah well, I'll check it out.

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    I'll eventually come back... but like unless I can get on everyday then i can't really contribute to the community all that much... I keep getting downgraded to lurker... And with so little posts posted so infrequently, no one know who you are, and it's not fun being in a community where you aren't noticed, or are just neglected...

    Besides... the title even tells you not to get your hopes up

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