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    I watched that 15-Stone Babies doc and something peaked my curiosity: what's it like to get your diaper changed by someone? Part of me thinks it would be akward and uncomfortable but another part thinks it would be enjoyable. Anyone have any input?

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    I have always wanted to experience this, I think it would be very enjoyable. I am sure at first it might be awkward for both but over time I think it is something that can create an even closer bond between two people.

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    I haven't been changed since I was first in diapers, but as a AB/DL it would really depend on your relationship with the person.

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    Ive had my diaper changed by my daddy, to be honest at first I was extremely nervous, and felt really awkward. I had never had my diaper changed my anyone other than when I was a baby. But overall the experience was really great and enjoyable. It was probably the greatest experience ever, and I wont ever forget my first time.

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    i have heard about this. i would also think that it would be uncomfortable. if your partner however knows you very well and you two are already intimate,then i cant see it being awkward then. but it makes me curious about it also

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    I have changed another AB but I have never had the experience myself, well not completely. I was diapered once but I have not had my diaper changed since I was a baby. While I long to have this experience myself I am relegated to the fact that I will likely never have this experience.

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    I've posted my thoughts on this before. The summarised version of my opinion is that if you're being changed by someone you know and trust then it can be an amazing experience. I think most people would however be nervous the first few times.

    I'd never want to be changed by a stranger in an adult baby nursery (like on the documentary). I'm sure that it's something other people may enjoy but for me the best part of being changed is knowing what it represents.

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    I've been changed a few times, and each time I "numbed out," in that if I look back at the situation, there is no sense of feeling or connection to my body. I think this is because it is such a vulnerable event, it can overload my senses, and I disassociate. I would some day like to get to the point where I relax and enjoy it, but I am a ways off from that. I feel bad for those of you who haven't had the experience, but I wouldn't give up on the idea... just find a local munch and start socializing, you'll get more opportunities.

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    Been changed several times by someone else now. I can say for sure the experience for me has always been the feelings of worry, care or similar just going away; to the point that I regress to a mental state of a baby essentially. But hey! That's just me.

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    I like it when it's done by another AB/DL. My husband does it now and he doesn't want anyone else doing it. I enjoy it and find it relaxing and it's something done when you are little and I like that feeling. When my husband does it, I feel loved and it makes me really happy. I do find it sexual. I can't relate to it being awkward and uncomfortable. But it would be that if it was done by a vanilla. But yet it wasn't like that with my ex boyfriend who was vanilla. It was awkward asking him at first and he said he would do it. Then it wasn't so bad anymore when I asked it the next time.

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