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Thread: Cruisers Size 7 in Australia

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    Default Cruisers Size 7 in Australia

    Fellow Aussies,

    Does anyone know where we can get Pampers Cruisers Size 7? Online or In-Store...

    Thanks in Advance!

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    I check whenever i goto Coles but they dont seem to have any so far... May be Aussie babies do not need such a bug size...

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    Only place for aussies would probably be online but even then there are more suitable diapers (although the pics on the pampers are awesome hehe).

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    i dont know tho coz some people might not be able to fit into the pampers ones. i think people should definitly have a choice on how they live their life if wearing diapers/nappys makes them happy then who cares i certainly dont as long as im happy screw everyone else

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    What would be the Huggies equivalent of the Pampers Size 7?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DryNites92 View Post
    What would be the Huggies equivalent of the Pampers Size 7?
    There really isn't one, unfortunately. The largest sizes of Huggies are several inches shorter than Pampers, and the elastic wings stretch only about half as far, making them pretty much a no-go for even the smallest adults. It's worth reiterating that Pampers Cruisers 7 are the same size and shape as Pampers Baby Dry 6, which is widely available. The main difference (as far as an adult DL is concerned) is that the wings on Cruisers can be overstretched a good deal further. Still, if you're on the smallish side and can find Baby Dry 6, you might try your luck. You'll do better with those than you will with any Huggies, for sure!

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    sunds like proper baby diapers would be best. i would love it if i could fit in baby diapers. but unfortunatly i dont

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