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Thread: New Sissy baby

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    Default New Sissy baby

    Hi all My name is Molly and i am a Sissy adult baby, I have joined this site at the request off my mummy Weemammy, so we could be on the same site

    I am 37 yrs old and have just got married to my mommy a few weeks back

    I am excited about this new Journey we are about to take and i would ask that you please give my mummy all the advice you can as she is new to this and it would be much appreciated

    thanks all

    Baby Molly

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    OMG I find that sooo cuttee! I am new too but I joined for different reasons mainly I found the site from google searches XD I hope to find out more about myself joining this site and others and I hope you will get to do the same.

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    hI I am glad you have joined this site and maybe we can be fwiends

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    I do not know much about being an adult baby like the feelings behind it. When or what made you feel that you wanted to be one? How did you know your mommmy would be open to it? I ask that because from what I learned the adult baby world is looked as weird by most people.

    I hope we can be friends too XD

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    I think i was always a AB, when i was young around 5 i knew i liked nappies and loved to see other kids being changed into nappies and wished it was me getting changed, remember i was 5 . i use to wet myself at school and always though i wish i had something to stop the embrassment of being seen in wet trousers or red rash on my legs because i wet and wasnt cleaned. but i was never put in nappies for it so i think i thought i should be in them but it stopped when i left primary and went to high school. but i never stopped liking nappies

    i use to use towels as nappies when i stayed at my grannies and once she pasted away i use to stay with my uncle and would buy disposables from boots to wear when there. i didnt start like baby girl clothes until i started wearing nappies more when my parents went on holiday and i bought some frilly panties and terry nappies. of all nappies i love cloth/terry the best the feeling off being pinned into a nappy not taped is more babish and the bulkyness is just amazing, for me the bulkier the nappy the better. and the sissier the dress the better too i love frilly pink dresses and it took me a good few year to finally have a full baby outfit eg frilly tights,frilly socks, frilly plastic panties and bib and bonnet.

    the big thing here is that this is not sexual to me it is totally a way to relax and take away the worries for the day. dressing as a baby is a great feeling and 1 i dont think i`ll ever do without. and now that i have a new mummy who is also learning it is a new Jounrey in sissyness for me and mummy

    as for being weird i have thought the same but people are always going to find something weird that they don`t understand thats life unfortunatly

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    Oh wow, I did something with a towel myself but I used it to act like it was a skirt or dress. I was around 5-6 when I did that.

    I understand you identify as a baby girl but what about the times you do not play as a baby? Like do you accept being male? I am a transgender girl ( meaning M to F) so I was wondering how much it is like with me. I think I am leaning to wearing adult baby girl stuff because I just find it cute. I actually ordered a dress labeled as adult baby.

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    not really sure on why i like the babygirl side but i guess it is because i love the frillies and babygirl colours and baby girls clothes are really cute, unlike boys clothes which can be plain, if it is pink and cover with frillies i love it and if the dress is short enough to show off my nappies and frilly plastic panties then even better

    oh yeah when i am not a baby i accept being male, but being as babygirl is always a thought in my head from time to time . for me it is the nappies but the babygirls clothes make it even better i dont think i could wear the nappies if i didnt have something babygirlish on over them EG frilly nappy cover

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    Oh so it is different than being transgender so I was just wondering. I feel the same as that with clothes in general; I just find it better to express myself in girl’s clothes.

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    be happy in what u feel wearing if your not happy then you need a nappy on hehehehehe

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    soooo cuuuteee XD Well might as well say it here. There were a few times I went to try on dippers when I was little. At the time they where my little cousins dippers and I would be thinking I wish they fit me better. It is something I probably like too but my mom has enough shock for now about accepting me as a transgender girl XD

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