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    Hello! I'm Christine, and I'm from Spain. I've been a diaper lover since I was a little girl, but now I'm 29 years old and have some incontinence issues (mostly bedwetting).

    Hugs to all!!

    PS sorry for my bad english.

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    You're English is not bad at all. Welcome to adisc.
    Would you be so kind to tell us your hobbies or something?

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    Hey cristi, Welcome to adisc! Bad english, I think not! Your English is very well put together. What do you like to do? I myself, love my musical instruments (guitar, piano). I also love music, animals and nature! What do you like? (foods, interests, hobbies, plus whatever you think is worth knowing!) Welcome, and I hope you have a very positive experience with us!

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    hey welcome to the site make yourself at home just like many of us have hope you enjoy it and i have similar issues with incontinence also

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