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Thread: How open are you about AB/DL?

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    Default How open are you about AB/DL?

    Everybody has a secret, although it's in our power to keep it and possibly share it with our most trusted ones.

    Personally, since my whole family knows and a couple of friends know because I had the nerve to tell them, I became relatively open-minded about it but I don't want to be well-known by my dark little secret, so it's quite the paradox. Although from my experience, people apparently don't take it so bad although they obviously don't want full details.

    So, how open are you about your AB/DL side?

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    Well, it's a bit of a mixed bag here, as I'm Incontinent & a Bedwetter (always have been)..... But over the years - sometime during my teenage years - I also became a DL...
    Now the first (Incon / Bedwetting), I basically had to share with a few people... including the girlfriend of course, some very close friends, and a coworker.
    Also whilst I TRY to keep it as private as possible, I'm not too stressed out about people finding out by chance.

    However my DL Side is something I keep VERY secret - here basically ONLY my GF is in the know...... no one else, and I really like to keep it this way, as I have no desires to share what I consider to be a part of my sex-life with anyone outside that intimate relationship level... I don't have the desires to share or do "outings"... same as I'd not really want to know if some of my friends are into heavy porn, dress up in a Gimp-Suite over the weekend or like to do whatever.
    I wouldn't think "less" of anyone, and certainly wouldn't have a "problem" if I would know, but it's not something I need to know or really want to know.
    So I guess it's often also the case in the other direction.... I'm pretty certain most of my friends or family wouldn't have a big issue when they'd know that I'm a DL besides being Incon.... I guess most would keep up the same relationship as before, but I find it would really not do any good... also I don't feel the need to get this "off my chest".
    I have also no desires to involve other people, neither emotionally, psychologically nor physically...

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    I don't really want people to know. It's not their business and would probably make them uncomfortable. My gf knows and that's good enough.

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    A few people know about me, so I'm not exactly closed to the world, but not everyone needs to know.


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    In the past couple of years I've made sufficient personal progress in being more open among other AB/DLs. But I don't/won't share it with anyone who isn't involved in our niche community unless I see potential of being in a intimate relationship where disclosing my interest in diapers etc... is a must.

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    aside from the fact i am always diapered in public, I do make an occasional excursion in age innapropriate wear, usually summer and shortalls, or in the winter, an occasional quick excursion to the car in footie pjs not much else though

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    I'm not open about being AB at all and have zero interest in being open with anyone but a partner. Family? Friends? I honestly would not want them to be a part of this side of my life even if they or society as a whole were accepting of it. But I am a pretty secretive person...

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    Hmm... My Mom knows and I think that's it. It's not that I go out of my way to hide it, but I don't go broadcasting it either. It's all about the healthy mix!

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    I've never simply "come out" to anybody IRL. My first time discussing this stuff openly was when I joined ADISC. My diapers have been discovered on a couple of occasions, but even these discoveries haven't led to open conversation. It's just something I keep to myself, and I'm fine with that. My wife knows (she discovered; I didn't tell), but she basically ignores it and doesn't participate at all.

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    My boyfriend knows because I told him. My best friend who I know on Xbox also knows because I told him, he was the first person that I told. They are the only ones that I felt I could tell. The only person that I did not tell that knows is my boyfriends friend. He told her but she hasnt acted any different to me or told anyone else to my knowledge.

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