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Thread: Farmers Market is ravaged by my best childhood friend.

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    Default Farmers Market is ravaged by my best childhood friend.

    My best friend who makes a living doing, computers, cars, audio, you name it, he does it, he has the connections and networks that will blow your mind....

    He had to update the Zerns Farmers market audio system so they gave him access two days ago to handle the "dirty work"

    (In Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania... but all the people in the area know Boyertown far better and often consider Zerns to be a part of Boyertown in spirit anyways.)

    Time for a field test!

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    Hahaha oh man I laughed for a good two minutes! That's awesome! Especially when asked "what did you do last night?"

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    (Outside Taco Bell)


    That was amazing. Your friend looks a little familiar... Maybe he is just one of those faces, but does he do networking seminars at all?

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    Nah, I doubt he has ever done any. But he is one of those guys that always has connections and does everything like I said.

    He's the kind of guy that will lose a $100.00 bill at Zerns and he can just shrug and drive home.

    I am a little jealous but it's okay...!

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    ... *** **** ****** ***** * ******* ****** **** ******** ******* *** *****

    Can he just happen to lose a hundred bucks in my paw? I need the money like I can't even describe... >.>

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    He he cool Kruocat... yeah, I figured I wanted to be a nerd, especially the combined Gamer + Computer nerd that The 7th Guest most likely implies.

    I have a pic of me holding the game cd in my albums somewhere in the toys section:

    Thanks for the shout out about it... believe it or not It's been noticed by a LOT of people!

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    I feel like I am betraying my nerd side... I have never heard of The 7th Guest... >.>

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