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    So, I'm trying to ease my girlfriend into this whole thing. I've gotten her a pacifier fetish - so I think I can ease into more ABDL stuff. We went through a list of 500 fetishes tonight, just picking which ones we'd be willing to try, and she agreed with me on the ABDL one.

    So - I want to make a list of everything I should get - in case I get the chance to try it with her.

    Which clothes, ect, and where can I get them?


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    I would say start with diapers. Go with the cheap store brands that way if is not something either of you like then you are not out the expense of premium diapers. As for clothes look with her at Target for footie pajamas. Beyond that Google and Bing are your friends for finding sites with AB clothing. Good luck and have fun exploring this side of yourselves.

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    Fetish shopping? How interesting. If she is willing to shop for a fetish getting her into diapers should be a matter of just selecting a diaper fetish or a fetish that results in the use of diapers. Just take it easy and below minded.

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    i would also say to lt her go at her own pace as it may seem a bit odd to her to start with. so be patient with her ok. this is new for her. she may want to go slow to start with but it might grow on her and who knows she might end up liking it but im not promising anything ok. but again let her go atthe pace she wants ok

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    In retreading this if she has already agreed with AB/DL it sounds like you are already there. Just relax and have fun, both of you.

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