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    I'm a size 32 waste and I usually wear a medium Tranquility ATN, because that is the best thing the medical supply store near me carries. I'm sick of leaks when I wet while sitting, so I want to try a booster, and the store pretty much just carries Tranquility products. As I understand it there are two types of Tranquility boosters, and I was wondering which you'd recommend. I also recall reading that it can interfere with the leak guards. Since I'm looking for something that can handle a large amount while sitting, do you think either of these will be able to help with the leaks? Thanks

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    They should. Personally, I'd start with the pad like insert. Seems to hold more for me.

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    HI I use both tranquility atn's and boosters I use the straight ones with the sticky strip to hold them in place there are 25 in a pack..I tried the other style and did not like them because there is no sticky strip so they dont really stay in place once they are wet.. Here is another thought for you, I also use female pads poisie or tena they have the sticky strip,, take a razor blade slit them down through the sticky strip, then peel the strip of and insert it into your diaper,,works real good, I also use them in my pullups and can wet 2 and more times more...good luck..

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    If you leak while sitting, no amount of booster will prevent it. It's the diaper fault and where you "aim".

    The tranquility booster (straight) are ok. They are on par with their diaper absorbancy wise.

    Diapers that have a lot of gel cristals in them will leak faster when sitting, as the gel is not good at handly large voidings or re-wets. If your diaper swells a lot, it has a lot of gel.

    IMO, for sitting and flooding, Tena and Molicare are the best. They spread the wetness very well, even under pressure (sitting).

    You have to keep in mind, they are not designed for a full bladder void really. Incontinent people tend to lose their bladder content at a lower volume.

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    I wear the large Tranquility ATN diaper and I have found that boosters do not work well in them they are to big and make the diaper leak even more around the leg area

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    Thanks. I figure I'll give them a try since I have nothing to lose but a few dollars, but I won't get my hopes up.

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    I went out and bought some today and tried one out tonight. Seemed to work, since I was able to get in three good size wettings while seated and only leaked a very minor amount on the third one. I'll have to experiment some more to make sure this wasn't a fluke, but hopefully this will work out because I'd like to try wearing out without worrying about leaks.

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    I have the straight kind and they do help, but frankly, I've moved from Tranq to Abena.

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    Your best bet is to get a pair of plastic pants that fit snuggly (but not too tight) around your legs.

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