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    Ok so underage members have been banned, my question is why? I looked at all the other topics i could find and all i kinda found was "legal reasons".... what legal reasons. Personally i think that is bullshit but i honestly don't know much about laws. I would just like to know EXACTLY why this has happened. I know I don't use this site very much anymore but it as been an important part of my life the last four years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talula View Post
    That's the only explanation we're going to get.

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    Yea and a few more are going to leave like me......

    See ya!
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    I also have to say that I don't see the legal reasons. This site is mostly about opinions than anything related to pornography. There is no kind of pornography here. There is no wheres else to get SUPPORT of some kind when dealing with the negative thoughts that this involves, especially for teens. I have to say that even though this lifestyle has some sort of sexual practices but I don't see anything involving sex in the forums.

    As a teen I went to websites involving abdl and those sites were full of creepers. We all know what websites these were.

    Once again, this a SUPPORT website not a PORN site.

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    Moo's explanation is here. There are a number of already open threads (see Talula's post above); thus, I'm closing this one.

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