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Thread: 15 Stone Adult baby youtube link

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    Default 15 Stone Adult baby youtube link

    I created this thread so a link to the show would be easier to find as i couldnt find a link posted elsewhere on the site

    Thats part one the rest is on the users channel

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    very interesting watch, thanks for sharing the link

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    ^ thanks for posting!

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    I guess it only shows the extreme end of what this forum represents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by offsidetrap View Post
    I guess it only shows the extreme end of what this forum represents.

    I wouldn't say any of these people are extreme if you think they are you have been very sheltered so far on the internet

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    Wow, I actually sat down and watched every bit from beginning to end and I must say that there didn't seem to be one negative thing said about AB/dls at all and that most of these people (Can't really get where the guy with powder on his face is coming from, but I respect that he is open and accepts himself) seemed to govern themselves pretty well and accurately represented the community.

    I can actually say that this is possibly the first ab/dl documentary that I approve of. Sure, some people will still see this as strange and weird, but this documentary made me feel much better and I'm sure it could help someone if their significant other discovers their fetish.


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    Hey, Thanks for posting the vids. I found it interesting to watch, and not at all disturbing. For the most part I think it presented 'those individuals' in a fair and reasonable light. If anything it was a tad superficial.

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