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    Hey everybody -

    Glad to be a new member here a adisc. I've been into diapers for a long time (since I hit puberty basically) so I'm surprised I hadn't joined before!

    Anyhow, as far as diapers go, I'm a DL, no AB feelings for me really. I don't wear often (think I'm going to today for the first time in months!) as I've struggled with my feelings about the fetish and want to be sure it doesn't interfere with romantic relationships I have (however, I did tell one of my past girlfriends about it and we would wear sometimes).

    I love to ski (as you may have guessed from my screenname) and run (I've run a couple marathons). I also enjoy writing and have a graduate degree in marketing. I love going to concerts and follow sports (the US Soccer team is my favorite). Other than that... I'm a few months in to a new relationship that I'm pretty psyched about, and am looking forward to some time off over the holidays.

    Looking forward to spending time here!

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    Welcome to our community. Were glad to have you here.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I myself am like 90% DL. I know kind of where you are coming from.

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    Thanks Hokie! Wearing tonight for the first time in months - it's great.

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    Happens to me when I've been on a purge, and then enjoy. I could give graphic descriptions but this is a respectful community.

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    Ooohhh... Shiny new member! Hey there, welcome to the forum!

    So, marketing! What is your specification in marketing? I am a business owner, myself, so maybe we can chat some time. Would love to get some pro input on some things.

    Now for the important question: What state has your favorite skiing snow? Personally I like Aspen's snow, but Utah snow is a LOT cheaper. >.<

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