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    Ok so I havent posted in a while cause turns out my internet conection was crap but I am at my dads now with a better internet conection, so anyway my yonger brother and I where catching up and he was telling me about somthing very personal about him and a friend he goes to school with that he said that he would not tell anybody but me. I dont know why but I told him to wiki abdl and told him that this was my true self and as he was reading I almost cryed and wet my pants thinking how he might react. When he was dun reading he was perfectly ok with it and it feels like a 1 ton waight has been lifted, now he said that I can contact him about this anytime I needed to cause if this was what I whanted than I should go for it, but now I dont know what I should do. I want to show him the entire abdl world but dont want to smother him I mean someone from my dads side was the last place I would expect exeptance on this subject. What should I do?

    PS my brother is not into this he told me so.

    any feedback on this would be very helpful thank you.

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    Well, youŽve told him, heŽs not into it... IŽd say thereŽs nothing left to do.
    Trying to „show him the entire abdl world“ sounds pretty unneccessary, and could be seen as some weird attempt to make him become an AB/DL too... which is bad.
    After all, this is a fetish, and if someone told you about his/her desire to... um... lick rusty spoons,
    I donŽt think youŽd be keen on finding out more.

    So, if I were you, IŽd be overly grateful for having such an accepting brother and just keep all the extra information
    for myself.
    ... Unless, of course, he brings the topic up again because heŽd like to learn more about it.

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    I kept it as secret as I could for a long time. When my mom found out she divulged the information to my sisters. Of course some of them were disgusted. And my youngest sister was a little indifferent. But as time went on and it came up here and there she started asking a few questions. She also was not into it. But she still wanted me to talk to her if I needed to. I do not go into details but when she asks about things I tell her. My other older sister is all for me being ABDL and thinks that it is great that I have found out who I am. She like your brother said Go for it. She is there for me for all of it. I can tell her as much or as little as possible. She wants to here about my life and she is so accepting of stuff. I love that my family is trying to accept it. Many of them are a very long way off from it but the ones that have come to accept it and let me talk about it give me hope for the rest.

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    With most folks tolerance is about as far as they can go, but where they are now is not where they will be in the future. My wife has been part of my transgender world for 14 years and has moved from barely tolerant to High tolerance and that is likley to be as good as it will get!

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