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Thread: Jenga Game idea

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    Question Jenga Game idea

    This is an idea I came up with tonight, Use a Jenga style game to play with your partner and put short phrases or instructions on each piece. The twist of course is to make the game Diaper related.

    I'm not sure the best place to post this idea since it could really go all over the "rating" scale...

    A couple examples I came up with:
    Tell your partner one thing you like about them wearing a diaper.
    Dance around in your diaper.
    Tell your partner one reason you like to wear a diaper.
    Use your diaper.

    I dont really think there are any bad ideas to add to the list. I plan to compile peoples ideas to this first post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodnites2002 View Post
    I dont really think there are any bad ideas to add to the list.
    show off ur diaper to a group of children


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    Default Jenga Game idea

    Sounds like so much fun I wish I had someone to play that with

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    lol reminds me of that weird game of mahjong played by Fukuyama in that episode of Girls Bravo.....

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    However no suggestions from anyone?

    Countdown, I'm disgusted, that's not a appropriate action ever! Not to mention it's completely off topic from the intention of this thread.

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