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Thread: FtM and breast reduction/complete (double) mastectomy?

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    Default FtM and breast reduction/complete (double) mastectomy?

    I am female-to-male trans, and my AB persona is a two-and-a-half-to-three-year-old child. Sometimes it is a young girl who is willingly called by a truncation of my real name, but other times it is a boy who looks completely different from me (different hair and eye colours) and "he," interestingly enough, goes by Tommy (even though I would prefer Caleb and Daniel as my first and middle names should I ever undergo a complete sex change). It's almost as if the young boy has a mentally healthy version of dissociative identity disorder. My post tonight, folks, is to ask fellow FtM trans users, if you could just get rid of your chest (permanently) but keep the sexual proof of who you "should," be, that is the things between your legs and inside your body, would you do it? Honestly I think for me it would be a better option than a full sex change surgery. What do you peeps think? I'd love to hear everyone's opinions on the matter.

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    Transguys usually don't get genital surgery anyway, the option is more about whether you want to keep your reproductive organs or not.

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    I know of one couple F to M and M to F who married and both kept the plumbing and according to them it works very well. As said most because of expense at most go for a hysterectomy.

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    Well, in a "perfect" world, there would be a pill that would magically shrink one's breasts to make them as flat as they were before puberty. But since there isn't, I would consider having chest reconstruction if and only if I had enough money to still live comfortably afterward. Genital surgery, however, is something I would never consider even if I had billions of dollars! In fact, the only "bottom" surgery I would ever consider would be one to stop my monthly bleeding for the rest of my life, and my reason is because I do not consider my body the "lack" of a P-word so much as I perceive it as the presence of an unwanted ability to make babies. It would be a crying shame to have all that testosterone-boosted "libido" but with no more good-feeling areas due to scar tissue from surgeries, which is why I would never, in a million years, dream of letting a knife go near what I have down there, let alone pay enough money to buy a mansion to have it done!!! And if I could be reincarnated as a biological male, I would want to be born to parents who would leave me "intact," if you know what I mean.

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