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    Need my adisc members help here im really hurt today my best friend she said that if i keep acting like a baby she will cut me off that really hit me hard and i cant even look at her the same way now what should i do?

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    The best advice I can offer you is this:
    Is someone who can't accept you because of one detail, are they truly a friend?

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    Oh boy, Iīve always wondered what kind of „friend“ would say something like this...
    Iīll try to make it short:
    If she canīt/doesnīt want to accept you for the person you are, itīs not your problem.
    Talk with her, and try to make her understand that you canīt just stop being yourself.
    If sheīs stubborn and not willing to understand, youīll have to decide whatīs more important to you:
    The relationship, or your personality.

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    I think the best advice I can give is to be patient and let her figure this out on her own. Obviously you can be there for her if she has any questions but in the meantime I think the best thing you can do is focus on getting everything in your own life in working order while you let her come around to the idea. If you need any more advice feel free to PM me I have been going through the same similar grueling scenario.

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    you can simply not include this friend of yours in your AB/DL circle of friends. This friend of yours is NOT your parental figure, doesn't pay for any of your care (housing, food, clothes, ect) and has zero control over what happens in your life. So, why do they need to continue knowing about this part of you? Simply omit any and all AB/Dl information from them.

    If they're willing to cut YOU loose over this and if you don't want to give this up, then you can leave them out of any and all AB/DL goings on in your life. Simple as that! IF they ask, simply tell them you're over it. If they press for any details for confirmation, then simply ask them WHY they need such detailed access to your personal life.

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    Well are you acting like a baby around her? How much of your time is spent regressing? Maybe just cut down on the regression sessions or stop doing it around her. Normally I would say tell the truth but seeing as how she doesn't need to know about your AB/DL side you could just lie and say you will try and stop and then pretend that you have thrown your stash out (while just hiding it better assuming she is in your room a lot). Friends and fetishes don't mix well for most people so if she doesn't like it but she likes you then it seems obvious that she should not have to see/know about your AB/DL side anymore.

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    I agree with the 2 posts above me. If she doesn't like it, then just don't include her. Let her miss out on the fun of your baby side. If she tells you to stop being a baby even when she is not around, then she would fit into the category of "total arse" and would not be worth being friends with anyway, so I would, at that point, cut her off before she has the chance. Sorry you were given such an ultimatum... I had a friend like that once, it was hard, but telling him to bugger off was the option I chose and I regret nothing. *hugs* If you need a friend to replace her, there are lots of people here that are willing. ^.^

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    While we don't know what you're getting up to in front of your friend that has so negatively affected her, my general advice would be to look at it as objectively as you can and see if you've been oversharing. Not all of my friends like all the same things I do. To avoid being a bore, I generally focus my activities and conversation around those things that are more generally appealing to them as they do for me. I don't share my ABDL side with non-ABDL friends but even with friends that I have this in common, I try to be considerate about it. A little empathy can go a long ways.

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    One thing I was told a while back is that you can change to fit your crowd but are you really being your true self. If they can't accept that I would question that relation ship. You shouldn't have to change who you are in order to please somebody else if your not pleasing yourself first. Remember your you and nobody has the right to change that.

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    trevor hit the nail on the head...

    what r u doing round her??? sucking ur thumb & saying goo goo ga ga??? most people dont wanna be part of that, so if u r doing that, u may want to think bout laying off...

    if u cant stop doing that, then i guess u need to say goodbye & recognize that most people arent gonna wanna be friends with u...

    good luck...

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