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    does anybody know of an attends brief in a size small or medium that has the same plastic backing as the attends youth brief?

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    Attends Waistband Style are plastic backed. They are 6 tapes. I get mine from HDIS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oleman72 View Post
    Attends Waistband Style are plastic backed. They are 6 tapes. I get mine from HDIS.
    Is there any other style besides the waistband style that's plastic backed?

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    No I don't. As far as I know thats the only one that Attends makes in the US.

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    You can get plastic attends online under BR-20 for mediums BR-30 for large and BR-40 for extra large. Don't order any of the BRB ones as they are breathable cloth style. If you goto attends website they will tell you who sells them. The BR line is 4 tab plastic I just got a order from

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    Adult Diapers, Attends Diapers & Incontinence Diaper Products
    That is the site were I buy all of my attends and they do have smaller sizes with out the waistband

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