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    Default AB/DL Owned businesses

    Hey all. I wasn't quite sure where to put this. I've always viewed this community as one of great support for its members. People who want to see other members succeed as people. I'm sure there are members here who own businesses but don't openly mention them for obvious reasons. How do people feel about members who do own businesses here to be able mention/offer what they do without giving the name? Heck I'm sure people here would offer discounts etc if they knew they could and still keep their business protected etc. I'd be happy to offer discounts etc to the members of this forum as fellow members of the community. But before I say anything more I just want to see how people feel and if it's ok with the mods.

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    I'm pretty comfortable with people knowing. I've posted my personal non-dl sites on here and feel that we are a community, there should be no reason to hide it. If any of us won't judge it's one of us!

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    if u r going to do that, then u may wanna consider putting it in the EC+ forum so that it is not publicly searchable...

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    I have two side businesses I run. I'd be willing to mention them on the protected boards, because there's a decent chance I'm one of very few if not the only person in the country to run both types.

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    I don't see reason hide it ether if want share a business you own don't see problem onless the mod does with this forum. I know few forums I belong to there special place to post stuff like this about your business so not sure how it is here those.

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    I wouldn't post information about a business on this website. The www.sphere is a public area. Do you really want a future employment opportunity thrown away because of a fetish? A simple web search could bring up this forum if you had mentioned your previous company.

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    Default AB/DL Owned businesses

    Buffalo's point is what I was talking about, hence the level of discreetness.

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    Default AB/DL Owned businesses

    Even if it's posted in a private area, all it takes is one person to re-post it elsewhere (as in on an indexable area of the Internet) for it to get out there on a permanent basis.

    It is very much something to think about.

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    If no one has posted this yet, any Bambino Diaper business is more than likely AB/DL owned.

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    Yes Bambino make baby diapers to so there not just a ABDL company alone and it all depend on what your sell here are diapers or something for IC people or is like retail business with none IC stuff.

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