As of today, ADISC will no longer allow minors (people under 18) to use our site at all.
The existing prohibition on minors signing up will remain, and all existing minors' accounts have been closed.
Anyone whose account is closed as a result of this shift will be able to return AFTER they turn 18.

I realize this change may come as a shock to many of you.
It has been a gut-wrenching decision for me to make, one that has left me feeling physically sick for much of the last few weeks.
I have always felt that allowing this generation of AB/DLs to get the support I wished I had, growing up, was helping people and saving lives.
Literally, saving lives. I have had people of all ages come to me and tell me they wouldn't still be alive today, if it were not for the support they got here.

Still, this decision had to be made, and I would like to briefly explain why.

ADISC started as a support group, created by teens, for teens, in the UK.
We are not, and have never been, an "adult" site. We were created by teens, for teens, as a support community.
We couldn't use 18+ sites, and our parents did not support us. We desperately needed a place to support each other.
Many of us suffered from depression and other great stress as a result of feeling alone and isolated.
Life for a teen AB/DL can be difficult. It is rather like being gay, but more challenging.
This site helped us cope. It was the support we got from each other that kept us sane, kept us going, and made all the difference for us.

Unfortunately, as the years have passed, many things have changed.
For example:
First, we've gone from being primarily UK based to being primarily US based.
Second, we've gone from being 10 friends to being a popular site.
Third, we've gone from being "by teens, for teens" to overwhelmingly adults, with a few teens.

Over the years, my team and I have worked our butts off to keep our teen members safe.
From our team of dedicated safety mods, to the new privacy features we've introduced,
from our relentless focus on maintaining PG-13 standards, to our core model of a support community,
we have put a vast amount of work into ensuring that AB/DL teens can get support, but in a safe, age-appropriate way.
We've even reached out to the police to help them catch bad guys on multiple occasions.

Despite all our hard work, extensive research, etc, though, it is no longer practical to allow minors on ADISC.

Some of you are wondering whether, with the removal of minors, our content will become "adult" in nature.
That's not the plan. We have always been a PG-13 support community, and I'd like us to remain that way.

To those of you whose accounts were closed, I am truly sorry this had to happen.
Still, it is my hope that your time here helped you.

To everyone else, I realize that this may be a tough adjustment to make.
I would like to remind everyone, though, that this decision was most definitely in the best interests of ADISC,
and as a support community, we still have a mission to accomplish.
Be kind to each other. Treat each other with respect. Help each other where you can.
If we can stick to our principles, I am confident that, when the teens turn 18, they'll still have a nice place to return to.

-The robocow of great sadness