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Thread: Refill ink cartridges to save money

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    Default Refill ink cartridges to save money

    Does anyone know if any companies refill ink cartridges? Im not trying to save the planet or anything just the fact that these printer replacement ink cartridges are not cheap. Just curious how many of you refill and how. Any tips would be greatly appreciated

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    Just get new ones and recycle the old ones. Some places will even offer a small discount for recycling them.(Usually $1-2). Refilling cartridges doesn't work with most modern printers anyway. Epson even has small chips that readout ink info, to explicitly prevent usage of refilled cartridges, as cheaper inks will destroy your heads over time on high quality printers.

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    Default Refill ink cartridges to save money

    Or get a laser printer if you only need black and white. It's a bit more expensive to purchase, but is cheaper per page and will last almost forever (my parents laser printer is 15+ years old - had to get a USB adaptor for it, but otherwise it still works).

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    Wow!! That's amazing! A really long time, just wondering I forget what model I have but its a hewit packard and I'm tired of going to the library to print things.

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    It was a thing for a while, but just wasn't worth it. Far as I know all the places that did it have now closed where I live.

    You can buy kits and do it yourself, but it's ultra messy.

    Best recommendation is not to print so much stuff. Obviously it's still sometimes necessary, but more and more there are opportunities to take paper out of the process, which I like to think is good overall.

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    Try finding one of these businesses near where you live. They refill ink cartridges for less that 1/3 the price of a new one!

    Cartridge World - World Leader in Printer Cartridge Refilling

    Just type in your zip code and the website will locate the nearest store. I've used them many many times and have YET to experience and degradation in the quality of print with my printer.

    And yes, they do refill cartridges for those modern high end printers.

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    No big name stores around where I live refill them, but their is a printer specialty shop that does it. It is half the cost of a new cartridge and takes 5 minutes. I would search around on the web.

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    My wife worked for a computer store and was kept quite busy repairing printers. The biggest problem was fouled heads from people that used refilled cartridges.
    At home we decided it just wasn't worth it. We now have a laser printer that is worth every penny we put in it.

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    We have a office max here that fills them up.
    Not sure exact price, it varies on brand and cartridge size.

    It is a good amount cheaper than spending at the least $60 or more on all 4 colors in ink
    in a new pack.

    I never tried tho and not sure on there quality of ink.

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    I use new ones when my old ones runs out. I only print out what I need too. I can get my cartridge's from CVS or Walgreens which are close by where I live.

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