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    Ok, I've read alot of reviews with an open mind, but am I the ONLY one that loves the Depend Real Fits? I can wear them all day, even out and about, infront of my girlfriend and many other things I would NEVER try with a diaper or other pull ups.

    For me they hold just enough to use in traffic or at home, I've only used them once or twice in public and they held up fine. Plus they feel and look just like a big version of goodnights.

    Just wanted to see if I was alone here.

    Also has a male tried the silohuettes (spelling)? My reason being that I point low. so the tip is usually right where the woman's protection would be almost between my legs. I'd rather have more between the legs than upfront. Just a thought...

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    I have to agree with you. I like the real fit diapers too. I find that they're great for discreet mid day skateboard sessions... Haha. I would recommend at least giving them a try.

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    I like the Real Fit Depends as well. I had to wear them recently due to a minor issue with leakage. I could wear them for a couple of days before they fell apart.

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    im on the fence with the real fits, i got the sample pack and they were alright but i kept having an issue with there not being enough padding in the front on the female products, i was actually having issues with leakage out the top which is pretty bad for someone whos female using the product

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    They're Okay. I find them a little leaky around the legs though.

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    I couldn't stand them. Maybe it's depend products in general, but they just seem so, leaky...

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    They aren't bad however its not something I would go out and purchase

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    I will say, I don't like how much more expensive they are per brief. But man, I love the way they fit! They really are like GoodNites for adults! Plus, people can see the waist band and still think you're wearing boxers. Besides the price, they're awesome as pullups

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skrillcheck View Post
    I find that they're great for discreet mid day skateboard sessions... Haha. I would recommend at least giving them a try.
    That's pretty cool. They do have a lot better mobility than other adult pullups. I've never done anything physical besides walking while wearing the Real Fit, but I wear Depends for Men briefs when I mountain bike sometimes. They're absorbent enough and comfortable without having a full-blown diaper that might show bulge.

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    It's not too bad actually. I do like it, but I'd like to see a full padding in them once they get remodeled.

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