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Thread: I need help fast!!!

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    Lightbulb I need help fast!!!

    I have a diaper stach in my closet and my dad wants me to clean it this week. I am wondering if I should move it or throw it away. I only have 6 diapeers in that statch. Can anybody help me???

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    do u have a viable non-closet hiding place for the diapers?
    if yes --> put the diapers in there
    if no --> throw away the diapers
    if unsure --> throw away the diapers (better safe than sorry)

    good luck...

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    Quote Originally Posted by UNKNOW View Post
    I only have 6 diapeers in that statch. Can anybody help me???
    Sounds portable to me. Just move 'em!

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    Hide them in an old suitcase or backpack, maybe put them under your bed. If you can't think of any hiding place or don't have the time to find one, just throw them out. As Countdown said, better safe than sorry.

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    I keep mine in a footlocker. Just place yours in another secure location. I have my main stash, and a few contingency locations are pre thought out. Before I got my footlocker, I used to rotate between multiple locations in my room. I suggest you do that, it really works.

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    If you have a dresser or night table that goes all the way to the floor you can try removing the bottom drawers and hiding some diapers under there. Thats what I used to do when I lived at home.

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    In the mean time hide them inside folded T-shirts finish the cleaning tomorrow and have him inspect it, then put them back in the closet a week later incase he does a follow up.

    Also If you have a mum make sure she looks at it to that way incase your dad think Man, Tommy did a great job cleaning his closet I'm so proud, I bet his mother would love to see it... wait a minute are those... diaper?

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    Move them in a temporary place.

    I loved puting them in between old towels or bed sheets in the pentry. Nobody goes there at least once a week. Plenty of time to prepare for phase 2.

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    Try to move the diapers, or hide them somewhere when cleaning your room. It's best if you try to hide them in your bag or something to make sure that your family doesn't get too suspicious about it.

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