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Thread: Help with putting on Diapers

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    Lightbulb Help with putting on Diapers

    I had recently just bought diapers and have been having a little trouble. They fit snug which is what I like but I have two problems and a quick question. I have to put my diapers on by myself which is hard enough. How do you put a diaper on standing up? Any techniques? Lastly, my second problem is me getting erections prior to me putting on a diaper. Right when I am about to put my diaper on I get one and its really hard for me to get it to go down. With my erection it pushes up which will definently make it leak. Lastly, how high should the front of the diaper go to? My belly button? My hips?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I will be glad to answer this for you i was been wearing diapers to bed for years now for bedwetting put a diaper on while you are against the wall i find is the best way to do it have you tried putting the bottom tapes on first? Then put the top tapes on second and for the erection part thats going to happen alot not much you can do for that hope i helped any good luck

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    To put a diaper on whilst standing up, lean against a wall with the diaper open behind you, with the back waist of the diaper in place. Then, still leaning against the wall, pull the front of the diaper up and hold the front with one hand whilst doing the tapes with the other. It's pretty easy with a bit of practise. The waistband should be the same height at the front as at the back, so whether that comes to your hips or your bellybutton depends on the size of the diaper and the size of you.

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    Have you tried putting them on lying down? Thats how I do mine. I lay down mine and the position it before I powder. I tape the bottom ones first then I tape the middle or top tapes
    depending on which diaper I'm putting on. I don't have the erection problem anymore. I wear 6 Tape Attends and 4 tape Attends and Dry24/7's.

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    I had erections before I even touched a diaper when I was getting into them. To solve this, I had to force myself to change diapers from being a sexual thing to an emotional thing. I'd think of something that turned me off; which for me was thinking of penises. At first I had to put diapers on faster than I wanted to before another erection came, but as time went on they became more managable. About a year later I am able to control them to the point that I can touch diapers all I want and not get much of an erect, though I can easily achieve one if I allow myself too, that's the power of the mind .

    Hope this helps with that problem of yours. It's just retraining your mind to not link diapers with sex, at least it was for me.

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    Uh...having to try putting a diaper standing up might be next to impossible unless you are wearing a huggies convertibles/slip-on diaper/other pull-up diaper/training pant. Sometimes, the erection is hard for me whenever trying a diaper. So yeah, that's kind of all I can think of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YG0Fanb0y350 View Post
    Uh...having to try putting a diaper standing up might be next to impossible unless you are wearing a huggies convertibles/slip-on diaper/other pull-up diaper/training pant. Sometimes, the erection is hard for me whenever trying a diaper. So yeah, that's kind of all I can think of.
    Pretty sure I JUST put on an adult brief while leaning against the wall. It can be done with practice. I believe the poster was meaning tips on how to put their diaper on with out having to lay down.

    As for the erection issue, I have found that gently bending my penis in half and breathing deep in and out, helps to let it calm down to the put where I can tuck it down into the diaper and prevent fountains. Hope that helps any.

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    I can diaper up either standing up or sitting/laying down and usually I just wait for the erection to subside before I tape up.

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    Or you act before the erection, or you do your 'business' before putting it on. I have no problems mostly, I had been a bedwetter for years when I was a kid and I ended up taping myself up every night.
    The trick with adult diapers is, like many before me said, leaning against the wall. My first time with and adult diaper was in August, I found it pretty straightforward, just align the diaper behind you around the butt region.
    Than lean against the wall, your weight will hold the back of the diaper up. After that pull up the front and fasten the tapes. Et, voila!

    That concludes this lesson,


    Protip : Think about other stuff than just the diaper when taping up, it helps keep the erection away.

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    Putting on standing...

    Well besides the obvious: the wall...
    there's also another option, I often use when changing in public restrooms or airplane toilets (tiny cramped spaces)... doesn't need a wall:
    -open diaper
    prefeold it in the middle LENGTHWISE - this is something I do anytime I use a pad or diaper or a pull-up... I find that it fits better and "decompresses" - thus soaks better than just out of the way it was folded up by the manufacturer... open it up again and center it between your legs.
    - pull it up and adjust the position - hold it in place by pressing your legs together.
    - Tape one side of the lower tapes... just one side - lower tape. if you've diapered yourself before, successfully, you should be able to remember where about the tape should go to be in the right position.
    - stand slightly apart again, and adjust the other side to fit properly, then tape the other's side lower tape.
    - Adjust if necessary and tape upper tapes.

    takes a bit more practice at first than leaning against a wall, but after some time it becomes quick and easy.... and it can be really helpful if you don't want to (dirty place) or simply can't lean against the wall / door...

    another option: sitting.
    this is odd at first, as you've got to position the diaper before you sit down on it ... but again, with a bit of practice easy enough...

    erections? well, I think it's just about getting used to it... to me this rarely happens - but I guess that's from the fact that due to my IC and bedwetting I've been diapered or wearing pull-ups or pads for almost my entire life... so it's nothing "special" anymore, nothing that really arouses me.

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