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Thread: Cotton vs terry sleeper feel - People that have owned both

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    Default Cotton vs terry sleeper feel - People that have owned both

    I've found the next sleeper I want to buy, but am unsure if going with the terry material would be too coarse for me. I currently have a fleece sleeper from the-all-in-one-company that is fine for anything between 30 to 50F, so temp wise the sleeper I'll purchase will be for under freezing weather. My house is usually 60-65F as well.

    To the ones that have owned both a cotton sleeper, and a terry sleeper, how has the terry sleeper compared to the cotton (or fleece variations) in terms of comfort and warmth. Since I read terry's coarse, I don't want to get a sleeper that'll not be comfortable like my fleece one is.

    If anyone is curious it's this sleeper specifically: privatina - individual one piece fashion: adult baby Strampler *butterfly*...

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    I think terry makes good material for towels. To me it would be a little course on the body to sleep in. I prefer cotton in fleece, flannel, or other softer cottons.

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    I've got some terry sleepers, back from when Jumpin Jammerz first started. They're not as soft as fleece, but I still find them perfectly comfortable.
    One thing I have found is that terry looses its softness with age more quickly than fleece.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks for the help. I guess I'll need to go with cotton then even though I really, really want the terry material.

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