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    Default Stereotype Breakers and Followers

    So, I'm beginning to realize that I seem to break and follow different stereotypes for whatever I am. Just thought I'd propose everyone to think of what stereotypes they follow, they break, or don't even fit into.

    So I'm first going to list the stereotype, then the way I break it.
    Being Gay
    Can't be in a committed relationship - Broken! Been in a committed, long distance relationship for over a year!
    Is a wimp or "faggot" - Broken! I shoot guns, I talk pretty vulgarly sometimes, and I do a bunch of other stuff like airsoft and building.
    Would make a terrible father - Broken (Kinda)! I work at vacation bible school every summer, volunteer at my school's after school program, and do a little bit of tutoring and baby-sitting here and there. Everyone has told me that I'm amazing at taking care of kids, so kinda broken.

    Being Southern
    That I'm stupid - Broken! I actually passed the first test needed to qualify for Mensa within a large margin, so there's a good chance that I actually have an above average IQ.
    That I speak broken English - Broken! I'm very articulate and well spoken enough to speak publicly.
    That I'm not well informed or cultured - Broken! I'm informed and well cultured.

    Now the ones that I follow

    Being Gay
    That I'm obsessed with how I dress - Not quite. I care about how I'm dressed.
    That I know a lot about issues involving gay rights - Yes. Guilty as charged.

    Being Southern
    I shoot guns a lot.
    - Not a lot, but I do it.
    That I own a truck - My family owns two trucks, but I drive an SUV
    The entire "Southern Hospitality" thing - Yep. I try to be nice like that.

    So what's everyone else's?

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    I find this kind of difficult because I have not heard a lot of the stereotypes you have listed other then the southern stereotypes lol.

    But ill try to follow the trend.

    Being Bi:
    Being boarderline metrosexual: I'm pretty average, you would have no idea that I am bi unless I told you.
    Is a wimp or "faggot": I can be a softy sure but I did sport kick boxing and can be quiet capable when I need to be.
    Would make a terrible father: Generally speaking I am quiet good with kids. I think my babyfur nature lets me cheat because its easy for me to play around without feeling akward like most "Manly men". Outside of that I think growing up in a dysfunctional family has really taught me the reason why a healthy family environment is important to kids and I would carry that towards my parenting perspective.

    Growing up in an American farming town:

    Being a redneck: I'm not, i'm more of a foodie dog loving nerd.

    <_< Im too sleepy i keep zoning out i really cant continue this post lol... this panda needs to go nini

    Quickie stareotype I do have:

    Howdy: Yeah, I say it from time to time :P It happens.

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    Thing is no one knows until they get to know you. Then it time to forum a opinion. The Morons that forum a opinion before they get to know you are Morons.

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    On Being a Canadian:
    The most common stereotypes include:

    -Living in igloos Um no, I don't live in an igloo. It was really hot last summer and my igloo melted, now I live in a lake! hahaha Just kidding! I actually live in an apartment. Most homes in Canada are built of wood, which seems strange to those across the pond who live in brick or stone houses.
    -Saying "eh" a lot I don't think so, eh! hahaha Again, just kidding! Actually most Canadians don't say 'eh' any more than any other word in the English language. However, we do have mildly disparate accents (depending on the part of the country you're in).
    -Being overly nice Well, yes, Canadians are nice. We often (most always) say "Thank you" to our transit drivers for safely carrying us to our destination, and if you bump into us in a crowded shopping mall we will apologise. "Oooops sorry!"
    -Mispronouncing words such as "house", or "about". ("Aboot, Hoose".) OH MY GAWD I hate this. No one says these words this way (with the possible exception of a few Scots). We do, however, rhyme about and out with "boat" and "house" is more like hohs than 'how-s'...but we do NOT say 'aboot' or 'hoose'.
    -Being good at hockey Well, duh! We learn at a very young age how to play, and how to win! It's sort of ingrained in all of us. Why do you think the majority of NHL players are Canadians (regardless of what team they play for)?
    -Having a unique french accent. If by unique you mean not the same as that which you'll hear in Paris, then colour us guilty, but I much prefer the Canadian "French Accent" (It's really NOT that different)
    -Being "outdoors-y" Umm...I'll have to break this one...I'm one of the least outdoors-y people you'll ever meet...unless it involves being close to/on the ocean...then I'm as outdoors-y as they come!d
    -Having a horse-mounted police force Hahahaha...whilst the Mounties originally rode horses (how the he** else were they to get around in the great north-west 150 or so years ago?? Now they drive 4-wheel drives and motorcycles and any other of a number of different motorised vehicles. Although they do still ride the horses in parades 'n stuff...and there are a few 'mounted police' in Toronto and even here in Halifax...on occasion.
    -Lack of military Pffft...This isn't Switzerland...we have a military...and a rather good (if ill equipped) one at that. We've got Navy, Air Force, and Army....oh and Coast Guard, but they're not 'technically' military in Canada. They may not seem like much to the Americans, but they always like it when we've got their back (funny, huh?).
    -A love for maple syrup Well who doesn't like maple syrup? Just because we like to make candy, and sugar, and syrup and butter and other stuff with maple sap doesn't make us crazy!

    Hey, I'm not a lumberjack, or a fur trader....
    I don't live in an igloo or eat blubber, or own a dogsled....
    and I don't know Jimmy, Sally or Suzy from Canada,
    although I'm certain they're really really nice.
    I have a Prime Minister, not a president.
    I speak English and French, not American.
    And I pronounce it 'about', not 'a boot'.
    I can proudly sew my country's flag on my backpack.
    I believe in peace keeping, not policing,
    diversity, not assimilation,
    and that the beaver is a truly proud and noble animal.
    A toque is a hat, a chesterfield is a couch,
    and it is pronounced 'zed' not 'zee', 'zed' !!!!
    Canada is the second largest landmass!
    The first nation of hockey!
    and the best part of North America

    My name is Aya!!
    And I am Canadian!!!

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    Unfortunately you're canadian so your opinion is now invalid :P
    And it's not Zed or Zee it's Zet

    As for my stereotypes

    Farmtown kid
    Yes I like rodeos and animals and planting stuff, I'm not afraid of dirt and I've fallen from the rafters more time times than I can count.

    Likes fish- Okey I love fish and yes that does include lutefisk.
    Butchers english NO!... although I do mess up some vowel sounds and pronounce my w's a v's sometimes (Thank you dad for you're accent rubbing off on me)
    Wears ugly sweaters Hey I don't think they're ugly.

    Native american
    Knows a lot of nature stuff Okay yeah I love the earth and feel at home on her and can pretty much live in her forests.
    REALLY TAN No I'm White as a sheet
    Long black hair Eh mid length and it cycles between shades of blonde, red, and black.
    Can parkour through trees Yes I can do it but not because I'm half blackfoot, and not because of assassin's creed 3. I live next to a swamp,thus I have more trees than buildings to climb and jump from.

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    Default Re: Stereotype Breakers and Followers

    It's pretty funny how some people are every inch of a stereotype. Everytime I see something like that, I laugh pretty hard.

    I am from Louisiana and we have a good bit of stereotyping against us. People often have a field day when they find out I'm from Lafayette LA.

    They often accuse us of eating any and everything. I don't eat anything like squirrel or skunks.

    Even my own family thinks that way. I have family in Massachusetts that was waiting to pick on my Cajun accent. I don't really have much of an accent at all. So I got to make fun of theirs when they told me they were waiting to make fun of mine.

    Of course there are much more sterotyping that could apply to Cajuns such as imbreds but I don't feel like talking about that.

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    I'm from Newfoundland, half of my family is from Ireland and the other half is from England. I'm basically a 3-way drinking stereotype :p nah, just kidding. I don't think any of us Newfie's drink anymore booze than the average person (Although George Street has the most bars per square foot of any street in North America).

    I honestly don't drink all that often anymore. I'm getting old...

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