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Thread: New Group - Kigurumi Lovers of ADISC

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    Default New Group - Kigurumi Lovers of ADISC

    Hi all, created this new group for everyone who loves animal pajamas.

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    I do hope the site admins do more to promote and/or increase the functionality of groups. In terms of acceptance, I think it's key that those struggling can see that other users are, for the most part, normal people -- and the best way to do this is to show that we as a community have interests that go beyond wearing/using diapers, crossdressing, wearing fursuits, etc. There's obviously nothing wrong with those activities, but they are traditionally seen as weird by most people. People come to communities like ADISC for the first time feeling isolated from mainstream society -- and seeing, for example, that I enjoy playing starcraft II, or am real interested in jogging with friends show that we are real people who are integrated with society.

    That's not to say that the interest section of profiles, the "don't focus your username around diapers" tip, or the very existence of these groups don't already do this to some extent, but it could go further, for sure. Even groups like the one OP has made, while focused on the AB lifestyle, help to do this by showing that we aren't homogeneous or split only by broad categories (like AB vs. DL, BF, sissy, etc.) -- that being an Adult Baby is as diverse of an interest as being an online gamer (FPS? Bleh!).

    As for OP's group specifically, I can't wait to get me some PJs, and perhaps would dabble in animal prints. Good luck with your group OP!

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