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    I'm TardKart, just joined today how is everyone?

    and i have a question if anyone can answer, What are underjams like? how would they fit someone with a waist size of 42~46, i'm just wondering before i go out and buy them.

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    I really doubt the they will fit on that size. I never tried them ether.

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    Welcome to our community, I'm sure you will like it here. All sorts of people and all sorts of questions . . .

    About the UnderJams, I have 40 hips and they go around me below the waist (which isn't any bigger than the hips). I am not happy with the fit; they sometimes tear at the seams, making me think that I'm pushing the envelope. I don't buy any more. My guess is that they will not go onto you easily nor stay intact for long.

    Depends Fitted Briefs (pull-on, tear off, with adjustment tapes) are a good compromise although not printed with any kid-friendly pictures.

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    No, probably not. Good to see you here. Would you care to tell more about yourself? Hobbies, age (general (20's or 30's etc)) and stuff like that

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    Thanks skin puppy.

    I'm 17 i work on computerts, build them Etc, i'm also a small time web designer just html and very little java, i also specialize in SMF and Vbulliten forum software similar to what runs this forum, i'm sure i'll enjoy my time here because this is the best community for diaper lovers such as my self that i've found yet.

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    I have about a 29.5-30 inch waist and I tried a pack before and well....they were eve tight on me. They never ripped on me like they do some people, but they still just did not fit right. Felt like I was wear a new design of a speedo for guys called bikini style! lol

    The absorption is about the same as goodnites, maybe a bit smaller cause the absorbant area is smaller than goodnites. Although they are thick than goodnites when dry or wet. I do love the material and prints on them though. It just sucks that their so dang small, but I would say buying them would be a waste of your time and money for a 44 inch waist.

    Actually to be honest, I am dumb founded why huggies made the undejams so small, speacially when their competitions (goodnites is the business competition) suggestion for size is 125 pounds, but can fit up to about 150 comfortably. They will loose a lot of sales from abdl's cause of that. Plus even loose sales of teen bedwetters. Very dumb move for huggies.

    Oh yeah, and of course! Welcome to ADISC, I hope you enjoy it here and hope to see you posting around. You really should have made a seperate post for the underjams though, keeps thing better organized on here, plus helps you obtain a higher post count so you can gain regular status quicker! So it benefits everyone
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    omg Eclipse is back.

    But welcome to the site, I meself have just started learning some C, and I know a little java to boot. Glad you didn't say visual basic though, or thousands of programmers would have to kill you.

    btw, how many builds have you done? and how successful were they?

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    Woops i meant javascript, i get the two confused some times, any body wanna chat on msn/aim, i'm bored with no one to talk to >_<

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