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Thread: footded sleepers in Robert Dyas

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    Default footded sleepers in Robert Dyas

    Hi, today I went into Robert dyas looking for Christmas lights but something very quickly caught my eye, they are selling adult footed sleepsuits!
    They are called snuggle sleep.Eszee, they only come in 3 colours, baby blue (the one i got) baby pink and red and they only have 3 sizes, small medium and large.
    They have a zip front with a flap that goes round the neck and fastens with a button.
    I'm a big boy, the large does fit me but the arms are a little short and its a bit tight around the shoulders, but that's probably because I'm a deformed freak, i have a bit of a hunch back and broad shoulders so nothing really fits me well round my shoulders, and its possible they are designed for women only, as the box on shows women wearing them, perhaps women have less broad shoulders? but i still think they would fit a normal shaped male OK .

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    Why would any manufacturer ever think that males would be interested in girly clothing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zpeed View Post
    Why would any manufacturer ever think that males would be interested in girly clothing...
    Some do, though it's not as uncommon in the ABDL realm as some might think, but on the global scale it is.

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