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    I myself am a bit of AB and DL, mostly AB. (I am Asexual with slight heterosexual leanings. My privates react to baby stuff, but I get no sexual desires.) And Due to money limitations, I can't afford to get many diapers, and no place near me sells them. I have tried towel diapers, and found they work well. I use a belt instead of pins to hold them on. (No pins available.) Recently when I do this, I have taken to using a "soaker" as described in the makeshift diapers article. However, I use slightly damp (not really wet) towels for soakers. I discovered this after wearing a towel I had just showered in, and found the moistness pleasant. I have taken to using 2 towel's one outer and one inner pre-moistened soaker. I find it very pleasant. It gives nice bulk and adds the feeling of having used the diaper without actually using it. (YAY no explaining why something in the washer smells like urine.)

    Any else ever done this or would try it sometime?

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    I use towels for cloth diapers. What I do is take the biggest bath-sheet I can find (36" wide) and cut it into a 36" square. This leaves a piece left over, about 36" x 20" that I fold into a booster-pad inside the main nappy which I use in a traditional kite-fold fastened with pins. Plastic pants over the top of course. I buy the towels as seconds from a local textile store, they're about 5 each, as opposed to about 20 each for purpose-made adult cloth nappies.

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    I've been using towel diapers for awhile and they work great! Plus you can just throw them in the wash when you're done. Also, instead of a belt I use underwear and if the part on the legs is too long, just pull it up and tuck it a little bit inside the towel. This makes it look like a cover type thing, and keeps it up pretty nice.

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