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    SOOOO....the weirdest thing just happened. At/around 7pm my time, I fell asleep because I was REALLY tired after today. Them I woke up at 9:42pm. However, I could have SWORE I was asleep for at least 8 hours. I just don't believe that I was only out for less than 3 hours. So weird!

    Ever happen to you guys?

    Anyways....I guess the "fun thread" part could be this! Post what you think really happened during that 2 hours and 42 minutes...

    Or don't....up to you!

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    That has happened to me once. I was still in high school. I was supposed to do something before bed. I think it was fold my clothes in the dryer or something. It was in the winter, so it was dark in the morning when I got up for school. I went to bed kinda early, 9 or 10PM. My mom went to bed later, like midnight. She came and saw my stuff was still in the dryer and opened my door to yell at me and tell me to fold it. She was usually the one to wake me in the morning, because she got up at the same time for work. I got up, folded my clothes, brushed my teeth, turned on the shower and started to get undressed and she asked what I was doing. I said getting ready for school. She said it was midnight and to get back to bed.

    It was quite weird.

    I think it has something to do with sleep cycles. There are like 4 cycles at night, each approximately 2 hours long. If you wake up after the first cycle, it probably feels about the same in your mind as it does if you wake up after the 3rd or 4th. You don't get as much energy and your body doesn't get as much recovery time, but your mind still feels the same.

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    There are times when this can work to your advantage.
    I worked a job for 43 years where I would get off at 5pm knowing I would have to work a turn around and be back in at midnight.
    If I went home and did my bedtime routine I could fool my brain and be asleep by 7pm. Getting a few hours sleep made it a lot easier to work in the early hours of the next day.

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    I used to get really confused if I fell asleep when I was younger say after school or something. Then wake up and the clock said it was like 6 something ish and you looked outside and it was dark out. I used to think I slept all night and had to go get ready for school. It was a relief when I never had to though lol.

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    I had that happen to me several years ago. I had gone to bed around my normal time after watching the weather on the 10:00 pm news. I woke up for some reason and misread my clock. I read it
    as 6:00 am but is was actually 12:30 am. I got and went into the kitchen and made coffee then went and took a pee. When the coffee finished brewing I poured myself a cup. As I sat there at the
    kitchen table I looked up at the clock and it was 1:00 am. So I finished coffee and went back to bed.

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    Yes, this has happened at least twice to which I can remember, but the two times are that one of them I was super sick and I had been sleeping the whole day, when my parents came home we had supper, but I could only have Chicken Noodle Soup, so I went back to bed at 6 o'clock and woke again at 8 o'clock and swore it was the next day but was too awake to go back to bed.

    And the second time was very recently I went to bed at 9 and woke up at 11 o'clock and swore it was the next day but then I couldn't get back to sleep so I stayed up until 2 and then went to bed. But yeah this is one of the weirdest feeling when you don't know where you are or anything it is terrible.

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    actually, i think that while we dream, we are transported to alternate realities & the time in these alternate realities is different from the time in our own reality... so that is why some sleep seems very short, some very long, etc... it also explains why dreams can be so strange (we are not used to the rules of the alternate realities)... what i find so strange is that these alternate realities are so much less predictable than this reality... yet they are so much more comfortable... why? i thought unpredictability --> uncomfortability... but not in this case... maybe es because i recognize that my actions will not have long-term effects in these alternate realities...

    on a related note, i think ghosts / alien abductions / other paranormal phenomena can be explained thru this theory... that is, these phenomena are really people from other realities dreaming and screwing around with our own reality while theyre dreaming... this also opens up the possibility that many people with whom i interact on a daily basis do not exist in this reality... (!!!!!!) i need a way to tell who is who, however... that is, who is actually a part of this reality and who is not... for instance, what if I tell someone a secret, and they happen to belong to another reality, they could tell other people in that reality, and when i go there in a dream, i would be royally screwed over = nightmare (!!!) see the potential probs???

    edit: think this is the story that got me the "odd beliefs" checkmark on my DX this past summer... i know es weird, but it makes a lotta sense...

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