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Thread: what would you do if you could live alone

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    Default what would you do if you could live alone

    tell me what would be your diaper dream?

    heres mine i would have one room with a crib,bottles,animals,clothes,lots of diapers,blankets,a changing table with everything.

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    Well, I imagine it would be somewhat similar to my life now, I would wear nice thick diapers all the time, probably without pants of course. And use them all the time. I would have a room kept stocked with diapers and a changing table. Possibly some baby things as well, but not as much as diapers.


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    I do live alone, and I don't have anything outragous, I do have quite a few diapers, plastic pants, and about a dozen sleepers.

    I wear a sleeper almost every night, but that is about it.

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    as people may know from my thread over the summer, i begged to get my own room this year.
    i FINALLY got it last week. It's been pretty nice, diapers and a footed sleep w/ my onesie EVERY night

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    I do live alone, and really, I don't have anything major. I have a bunch of diapers, but I do keep them out of site, though they are not really "hidden hidden" just more or less in a place that guests wouldn't go looking. Also, I can walk around wearing just a diaper, though I very rarely do this, though I don't do much to hide the sound as nobody else would hear it. Also, getting rid of used ones is quite simple, they go in the regular trash, no need to hide. It's nice actually.

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    Even if I had a place of my own, I don't think I would ever have like those big fantasy nurseries with the cribs and everything, in my opinion that's changing *B/DLism from a quirk IN your lifestyle into the lifestyle itself. Life shouldn't revolve around your *B/DL desires. I would have some diapers stashed, some paci's, and maybe a few other things. I wouldn't keep them in the open either because you never know when someone is going to come over.

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    I also live alone. Well, I have lots of diapers (a little over two cases worth) stashed in my apartment. But I mean... I don't do anything too crazy.

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    I like just wearing diapers around the house and going out in public. I really wouldnt mind a week to myself just to be diapered 24/7.

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    well, i would wear a diaper all the time

    during the summer my brother stayed at my aunts house for three weeks, so i got the room all to myself.

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