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Thread: I finally accept myself when it comes to being a DL.

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    Default I finally accept myself when it comes to being a DL.

    So recently I got caught with diapers in my trunk. I am 21 and as part of my agreement with my parents I had to move out or I had to go to therapy. I have been in therapy for 2 months now and my therapist says that its ok to have these feelings and that even though my parents don't like it at all that I could live a normal life with this. After a talk with my therapist tonight I fully accept myself as a DL. I had to go to therapy or move out of my parents house. Now since I accept who I am I want to do more Dl stuff. So I am moving out of my parents house in January. They will never know that I will be doing this outside of their house. I know I don't post at all on this site but I have been on this website for three years. All the posts on this website have helped me over the years with hiding and the feelings that I had with being a Dl. I am very thankful for this site being online. It has helped me.

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    grats man... sometimes all it takes is some positive encouragement from others...

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    Nice work man

    /me Hands you a trophy

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    Sucks you have to move out but I'm glad you have it worked out.

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    I know, I want to do theses things but my parents don't approve of it. I am moving out because I feel like its time also.

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