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    Default Hey there

    Just thought I would introduce myself. My name is Dan and I'm a 20 year old diaper lover from Pittsburgh. I'm currently attending college and I hardly ever get to wear diapers because I have a roommate. I can't wait until next year because I will be getting my own place.

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    Welcome indeed.

    I haven't been here very long, but it does seem like one of the best *B/DL so far. Enjoy!

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    Welcome Dan. Hope you find this place helpful, hopeful and meaningful.

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    Welcome! Pittsburgh is a cool place. What do you think of it?

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    So after posting I thought I should add a little bit more about myself. I'm an avid bike rider and I hate this cold weather because now I can't ride it. I love history and science fiction. I'm a bit of a Titanic buff, but I find just about any shipwreck interesting. I'm also somewhat of a trekkie (yes, I love Star Trek). If there's anything else you want to know about me, drop me a line.

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    Hello, Dan.

    By any chance are you a DJ, or is there a much more valid reason for the dj in your username?

    Anyhoo, welcome the forums, and I hope you enjoy posting here.


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    DJF are my intials and the 2 is just a random number I picked.

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    My Initials are PRF. It would be intrigueing if somehow the last initial were the same and were related.

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