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Thread: Are you glad to be an abdl?

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    Default Are you glad to be an abdl?

    I've seen this mentioned various times, but I don't think I've ever seen it posted in it's own thread. So, yea, are you glad you like diapers/acting like a baby?

    I used to hate it. There was a time when I wanted nothing more than to never wear another diaper ever again. Over time I slowly came to terms with my abdlisum, through this site and others. I like it because of how it can make me feel. Sometimes, when I'm going to sleep, I imagine being tucked in, or gently rocked to sleep by gentle loving arms. Other times I like to pretend that everyone in the world is really just a baby, crying out for affection; and if everyone were just to be put back in diapers, everything would just turn out ok.

    I know that's... well, stupid. It's not that simple, and, more importantly not everyone would actually enjoy it. But sometimes it's nice to pretend that a soft diaper and a hug could fix everything, if only for a short while.

    I've suffered from ADHD and major depressive disorder, and these thoughts have helped me out greatly in these areas. Even my outlook on life has been affected for, what I believe to be the better, by being an ABDL. In particular, my views on homosexuality. I used to think that allowing anything of a sexual nature to go uncontrolled would undo the delicate fabric of society, however that's supposed to work. While I am straight and can only speculate on what it must be like to be gay/lesbian, I think I can sympathise. I'm a 'freak,' and would find it emotionally devastating to have people know my secret, spread it around, use it to hurt me... I never asked or for this, it just happened. I can see how it leads to suicide.

    Anyway, before I veer too far off topic, I'll ask you: do you like being an abdl? If you could throw it away, would you?

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    Although I've come to accept myself, and enjoy life as it is, I wouldn't have signed up for AB/DL. Life would have been simpler, up to this point anyway.

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    I was just talking with some friends this weekend about this topic and how my answer has changed over the past almost seven years. When I joined this community, I was grudgingly accepting of myself as an ABDL. I had realized that it didn't make me a bad person, that the things I wanted to do were odd but certainly not bad or wrong. Still, my replies to such threads came down pretty clearly on the side of wanting to be rid of this. I didn't expect that would ever happen but I thought I would be happier without the hassle.

    Over time, I've gotten more comfortable with myself but also come to a place of understanding for myself as a member of the ABDL community. As such, I see that it's not just that it's not harmful but it can be expressed positively as well. I expect my life would be a bit less complicated without being an ABDL but I wouldn't have met so many wonderful friends online and in person and had such interesting experiences. It certainly comes with its baggage but most things do. It's part of me and I wouldn't be "me" without it. I'll keep it, thanks

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    If you asked me before I traveled the country/globe, met some amazing people who I'm thrilled to call friends for life and found myself in fun, bizarre situations only a minority can claim to have been in all on account of my harmless nappy fetish I'd have probably said yes, get rid of it!

    It's a good thing I didn't really. Having said that I consider myself fortunate and understand this may not be the common experience of ABDLs.
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    I will agree with ABgirl in that I would not have actively chosen to be involved with infantilism. Yes, perhaps life might have been a bit more easier had I not had to deal with being AB/DL. But I know there are a lot worse things to get involved in. So, for me to enjoy wearing diapers is not that bad of a thing to deal with.

    As far as to answer the question,,,Am I glad to be AB/DL? I guess I can't really give that a direct yes or no. I'd probably give it a 'don't really care one way or the other'. That's about the most honest view I hold of it at this point in time.

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    While I wouldn't have chosen it in the beginning, I can't imagine life without it, because it defies my experience. It is not something that is merely a part of me on the surface, but rather something that is a deep integral part of my essential being. To wish away a part of my essential being, would be to wish that I had never existed, for the wish to come true would be a form of suicide. So while it is not the reality I would have chosen if I could write history, it IS me, so I love it. It brings me pleasure, I can't not like it. It is not logical to hate that you enjoy something. So in the end I am happy.

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    Honestly, I don't think I can provide a meaningful answer to this question. I'm perfectly content with my AB/DL-ism as it is, and I enjoy it. Would I "choose" to have it, if I did not? Social standards being what they are I think the answer is obviously no, but that doesn't mean I'm at all unhappy with who I am. It's a pretty pointless hypothetical, and not one I really bother thinking about.

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    I can honestly say this is the first time in my life I have come to "accept" this side of myself. Getting to this point has been anything but a walk in the park. My DL side has signed me up for a lot of drama and it started early in my life when my parents found out. This side of me has also caused the downfall of relationships which only resulted in more repression at the time. I think one of the best things I did to help understand was joining this site. It hurts to look back and be reminded of all the hardships this has caused in my life but I try and live my life in the moment and can only remind myself that tomorrow is a new day.

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    I am very glad that I am. When I was young, I always felt like this was the biggest most important part to me of who I was. I always feared that somehow I would decide it was bad as I got older and give it up. I can't imagine myself without this part of me. I'm proud of it. I don't care if it makes any people who know think badly of me. I feel they don't like the true me then, and I can't help that. If I were not this way, I know there would also be people who didn't like me anyway, and most likely some who I'd feel really hurt by them disliking me. For many personal choices I've made my life anything but easy, and there are plenty of people who are disgusted by and hate me for them, but I feel it's worth it in the end. I'd rather live an interesting life than a boring one, no matter how hard it gets. So, long story short, I'm very happy with this particular part of me.

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